New student-centred Suites opening in downtown St. Catharines

Regent Student Housing, developed in collaboration with Campus Housing Corporation and Penn Terra Group, is introducing two new student living properties in downtown St. Catharines with a focus on community, and student lifestyle and experience.

The focus of the property is to create a space downtown that is more than just a residence, but an environment that produces a luxurious student experience. On the level of amenities and construction, the properties will provide things such as a Starbucks study lounge inside the buildings and a fitness centre in order to provide spaces conducive to the student lifestyle. However, in addition to buildings designed to foster community, the developers are emphasizing that the experience that they hope to provide is related to much more than the buildings themselves.

Projected images of the upcoming Regent housing; Photos Courtesy of:

Projected images of the upcoming Regent housing;
Photos Courtesy of:

“It’s not just a place to live, it’s a lifestyle,” said Gianni Bahadoorsingh, marketing director for Penn Terra. “We’re not just a building. It’s people that define a space, and we hope to make it special.”
Bahadoorsingh emphasized that it is the people involved that will really be able to produce the living experience for which they strive. Vince Wilson, the business development manager, said that the management includes many people who have training and experience in student life, residence life, and student affairs. Campus Housing Corporation staff includes members with graduate degrees in student affairs, as well as former residence life staff from schools across Canada, including Brock.

“We’re focused on being student friendly,” said Wilson. “We’re not just about putting people in beds; we actively care for student needs. We have staff with leadership experience, and an articulated relationship with BUSU, so we know what students want and need, and we also want feedback to know what we’re doing well, and how to improve.”

The housing, located on St. Paul Street and Lake Street in the heart of downtown St. Catharines, is ideally located for students with classes at the new Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts downtown. However, Wilson emphasized that they also strive to provide a good experience for all Brock students, even those whose courses are exclusively at the main campus. Wilson said that the thriving and growing downtown community is a place that many students would benefit from being immersed in while studying at Brock, and that they would like more students to be able to experience the downtown lifestyle and community.

Photos Courtesy of:

Photos Courtesy of:

“St. Catharines is enjoying a Renaissance. We believe in this community and our company believes in this community,” said Wilson. “It’s a great place to be. We hope to be the frontrunners in making downtown a great place for students.”

The buildings will work on a key fob system and be equipped with security cameras that will ensure that students are safe and secure. The fully furnished suites have double beds with bed bug-proof mattresses, in-suite laundry, wireless internet, and other amenities.

While leases don’t start until September, space is limited. There is a V.I.P. leasing event on November 14 and 15 for students to discuss leasing, and appointments are filling up fast. Students are encouraged to act quickly to make an appointment and ensure that they get a spot.

For more information, call 289-479-5500, email, or check out

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