Major business competition coming to Buffalo

43North, a major business competition, will be coming to Shea’s Performing Arts Centre in Buffalo, New York, on Thursday, Oct. 29, where 11 finalists will be presenting their ideas on a live stage.
The competition will see millions of dollars in prizes being given out to young entrepreneurs and businesspeople from around the world to fund their business projects. The competition helps young businesspeople turn their ideas into realities, and it also helps the city of Buffalo and the surrounding area bring in more innovative and strong businesses, as winners are required to bring their ideas to the city.

“Once the team accepts their award, they then come to Buffalo and agree to set up shop in Buffalo for at least 12 months,” said Peter Burakowski, the director of marketing for 43North. “It’s a chance for businesses to use Buffalo’s resources. It allows folks to have a foot in the U.S., and maintains relationships in the home market to really get the best of both worlds.”

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Brock students who are interested in business or entrepreneurship can head over the river on Oct. 29 to see the case competition live for free. This event is an opportunity to see live pitches from competitors who have been successful enough to make it to the finals, and to experience a large-scale business competition event.

“You’re looking at some of the best entrepreneurs from around the world pitching live, and answering questions from some of the brightest minds in entrepreneurship and venture capital in the U.S.,” said Burakowski. “For anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship or startups, it is a great chance to see some of the best and brightest minds pitching in an intense environment… it’s really something special to have that in our region.”

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Because people worldwide are welcome to apply, Brock students who are interested in giving the competition a shot in the future are encouraged to apply. The event organizers have previously met with Brock’s Biolink program to talk to them about their work and to encourage them to apply. Applicants from any country, and any industry (with the exceptions of bricks-and-mortor retail and hospitality) can compete. For anyone interested in potentially applying to this or a similar competition, going to see this year’s competition on Thursday could be a good opportunity.

“For anyone who is applying next year, you get an idea of the approach and scope that the finalists are taking,” said Burakowski. “It can help people learn how to better pitch their businesses, how to answer tough questions, and how to scale their business ideas rather impressively”

Burakowski also mentioned that the show itself is also a lot of fun, and that fans of popular business competition television shows may enjoy the potential to see this sort of thing happen live, for free, relatively close to Brock.

“It’s also just good entertainment,” said Burakowski. “If you’ve ever watched Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, it’s similar. They’ve got a great idea, but can they get it across? Can they answer the tough questions? It’s really great entertainment.”

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