Mackenzie Chown mystery “debunked”

O n Oct. 8, archaeologists from the Classics Department at Brock led an expedition to find the long-lost “I” Block of Mackenzie Chown.

While many know the maze-like structure of the building, some are unaware of the complex’s greatest mystery. The blocks of the Mackenzie Chown building at Brock University, as far as we know, are alphabetically ordered from ‘A’ to ‘H’. This is followed by the final Block of the building, J-Block. Archaeologists have speculated that based on the Roman Alphabet, the blocks are labelled as they are because there is a block missing. As many are aware, after ‘H’ in the Alphabet, there is supposed to be an I before it continues on to ‘J’.

This has led to the longtime theory that the lost I-Block of Mackenzie Chown must have existed at one point in time before it disappeared and descended into myth.

Finally, an expedition led by Professor Angus Smith, an archaeologist whose research focuses specifically on the Bronze Age, went into the famed building in search of the long lost block.

After many days of studying the various maps and architecture of the structure they believe they have finally found what they have been looking for, answering questions that have surrounded the mystery.

The team uncovered that the missing block of Mackenzie Chown was indeed hidden within the building’s labyrinth of corridors this whole time. While some had speculated in the past that the Block must have been destroyed at some point in the school’s history without being recorded, the new data found by the excavation has revealed that this was simply not the case. Block ‘I’ had been hiding in plain sight, under our very noses.

“There were many hardships along the way but it sure paid off,” said Dr. Gunter von Falschen, an expert on buildings which are hidden near other buildings, who was brought in from Berlin for the expedition.

“Not many people look past the ends of their noses, and if they do, it is often directly into a screen of some kind. This allows the building to remain unnoticed by those passing by.”

Once we managed to get him off the topic of how buildings are all too ‘easy to navigate’ now-a-days, Dr. Falschen offered us a deeper insight into the situation at Mackenzie Chown.

“Most buildings that go missing over the course of time do so in a physical sense. That is, they are hidden from our sight using trees and other buildings. The missing block of Mackenzie Chown was a different case,” said Falschen. “I-Block was hidden only by its name. Something nobody expected.”

The team’s hard work paid off with the discovery of the missing block still attached to the rest of the Mackenzie Chown building. The long lost I-Block of Mackenzie Chown was found attached to the side of Block H, as most would expect. The reason that it had gone unnoticed till now, as Dr. Falschen indicated was that it had a different name than the other Blocks.

Instead of being designated Mackenzie Chown Block I, as one would expect, it has been called Inniskillin Hall since its completion in 1999.

“It was this name change that made it so elusive for all these years,” said Falschen. “If it were not for my keen archaeological thinking we may never have found it. You should be glad they called me in.”

Falschen refused to state further on the matter claiming he had to catch a flight to Jordan to help Al Khazneh University find its missing mascot, the Holy Grail, which apparently fell into a chasm in 1938 and hasn’t been seen since.

With the mystery solved, and I-Block being revealed to have been Inniskillin Hall the whole time, archaeologists are looking at what else may be hidden at Brock University. There have been rumours of an expedition into the true origins of the Sculpture known as the “She Wolf”. The theory goes that the famous hook-up location may have actually at one time been left where it stands at Brock University by aliens who likely used it as either a landing craft or possibly the alien equivalent to a vibrating, zebra-print bed. However, this is only speculation at this time.

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