Hype Night: we are ready

Last February, Brock students were just having a normal day, attending classes and staying out of the cold. Then, news came from Twitter that Guelph University was bringing a group of students down to St. Catharines to attend the Brock men’s basketball game against the Gryphons in Bob Davis Gymnasium.

Their plan was to take over the Badger’s gym, but before you knew it, the basketball game was sold out and filled with Badger fans ready to defend their turf with school spirit.

The game on February 11, 2015 was only one of the many highlights Brock had as a school when filling the bleachers for games. Last year, the school also planned something called a “Presidents game”. This led to the second of three sell out games for Brock as they welcomed Ryerson University into their home gym. The President’s game is to celebrate David S. Howe’s life, as he played a major role within the Brock community, including school athletics.

Photo Courtesy of: Christy Mitchell

Photo Courtesy of: Christy Mitchell

This year, Ryerson is mimicking Brock’s idea to bring their students together as well. Along with Ryerson, University of British Columbia is giving credit to Brock, as they also try to get their students to come together by using the idea of a President’s game.

On October 6, Brock is bringing their students together again, for what they hope to be the first of many times this year. Brock’s Athletics and Recreation Departments game-day management and BUSU have planned a night that is certainly going to hype up Badger students. The night is called “Hype Night”, and it’s essentially a pep rally for the Brock Badgers as they prepare for another big year in sports.

“The goal is to pack the gym,” said Bawe Nsame, the Fan Coordinator for fan experience at Brock University. “[We are] bringing students and athletes to one place to build school spirit.”

Last year, Brock sold out three of their nine home basketball games, which was the most in the OUA. This year, Brock had over 17,000 people pack the Seymour-Hannah Centre for the men’s hockey Steelblade Classic. Homecoming was also a success this year with the opening of Alumni Field.

“I don’t think there’s a school in Canada that will compete with us,” said Nsame. “We want to lead the charge. We have the students for it, we have the program for it and it’s time we take the lead.”

In terms of Ryerson and UBC copying Brock’s idea from last year, Nsame said, “In order to be the best you don’t copy others, you stand out. We want to stand out from any university in Canada.”
Hype Night will include many different ways to “hype” Brock spirit and pride. There will be performances from Brock Dance and Live 4 Dance, along with singing performances from Victoria Hoshowsky and Emily Girotti, and much more.

“Last year was great and that’s where I saw the potential we have at Brock,” said Nsame. “This year we want to top that. We want to be better. Hype Night is to set the mark early this year.”

“We came up with the concept ‘We Are Ready’ meaning we are always ready for whoever comes in our house,” said Nsame. “We want to build an environment where students feel at home. If you enjoy your four years at Brock University, it’ll be on your mind forever.”

Hype Night will be Tuesday, October 6 in the Bob Davis Gymnasium. Tickets are free and still available at the Walker Complex front desk. The event will start at 5:30 p.m. and run until 7:00 p.m.

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