Game Review: Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant

I was recently surfing through the Steam store, looking for deals on cheap games that could fit into my student budget, when I came across a game called Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant.

At the time it was on sale for less than $0.50, so I figured there was little to no risk in purchasing it. I am not afraid to admit that I was right.

The game doesn’t look like much, and to be honest it really isn’t much. It is essentially a turn-based game in which you explore sectors of space, fighting off aggressive opponents out for blood and looking for clues as to where you are and what is going on. You customize your ship with parts you find and use the experience points you earn to level yourself up, making you more formidable to your opponents.


Unfortunately, that is pretty much all you do in the game. If you die in the game, you start back at the beginning again without any of the upgrades you got for your ship and you are expected to try again. And again. This is all the game is. You maintain all of your level up bonuses and the levels are easier than they already were the second time because of this and your knowledge of what to expect as you play.

Needless to say, it is a game with little to no depth. However, it was enjoyable to play for some time, anyway. Considering the fact that the game full price is about the same cost as playing one or two games at an arcade and has more replay value works in its favour. It’s hard for me to call the game bad because, although it lacked depth, complexity and so on, it was still well worth the money I spent on it. It entertained me for the short time I needed it to and what more can you ask for a game the same price as a chocolate bar. Especially since the game lasted longer and contained less than half the calories.

If you’re a game-junky in need of a fix and don’t have the funds for one of those expensive games with good graphics, consider dropping a loonie on Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant.

-Matthew Von Lukawiecki

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