DIY: No space? No problem!

Stacked plastic shelves

We all have them – the cheap, plastic see-through organizers that seemed to be ‘too good of a deal to pass up’ when walking through Wal-mart’s furnishings aisle. They’re cheap, they’re (semi) useful — but they’re ugly.

Here are a few tips to make them more space-efficient and look a little bit nicer in your dorm or bedroom.

What you need:

See-through plastic organizer ($15)
Pair of scissors ($2)
Patterned Fabric – 3 sqft (multiple patterns if desired, $6)
See-through tape ($3)
Measuring tape ($2)
= $28


1. Measure the size of all drawers both front and sides of unit
2. Cut out a rectangle from the fabric based on measurement of drawer
3. Use tape to secure fabric to front of drawer, ensure that fabric is flat to front
4. Repeat for all drawers, using different or same patterns, as desired

Now, not only will your organizers be a lot more visually appealing, but it’ll be a lot more difficult for any visitors to see your collection of beanie babies inside the drawers with the fabric coverings. Those will be worth something one day — just not today.

Of course, if you have multiple plastic storage containers like I do, you can conserve a lot of space by stacking them on top of one another (just ensure that wheels are removed if they are attached). To secure, you only need to wrap some ribbon or string through the top of the lower unit and through the bottom of the top unit.

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Mason Jar Organizers

Let’s face it, you’ve probably had nothing other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since the ‘care-packages’ your parents bought for you ran out on September 10. That means you probably have quite a few mason jars sitting around. Be a little thrifty next time this happens and keep them, as they make great items for random, future household DIY projects.

From reading week on, the desk in your dorm will likely be askew with syllabi, papers, drafts, assignments and McDonald’s wrappers — this is normal, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little bit of creativity, you can bring some order to the chaos that is your primary workspace. Mason Jar Desk  Organizers will provide a place for all your stuff: pens, pencils, rulers, cables, chargers and more. Not only is it convenient, but it’s with materials you probably already have around your house.

What you need:

A hot glue gun ($20)
Five mason jars (if you don’t have any lying around,
they can be purchased for approximately $1 each)
= $20 – $25


1. Warm hot glue gun
2. Glue mason jars together in the form of a pyramid
(three on bottom, two in the middle, between those
jars, and finally, one on top to make the top of the
3. Decorate to achieve desired look

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