BUSU ELECTIONS: BUSU October by-election

The Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) runs at least two elections annually. The first, in October, features BUSAC candidates, referendums, etc. The second, in February, is the executive election, which among other referendums and various open positions, students vote to elect BUSU’s President, the VPFA, VPSS and VPEA.

The election is open to all undergraduate students, as all undergraduate students are automatically members of BUSU.

Elections are critical to the continued success of student governance at Brock and supports everything from elected executives to representational BUSAC and Senate members. Therefore, active student engagement — both running and voting — is absolutely critical.

Election season means a lot of social media campaigns, petitions and candidates canvasing for votes in the halls. If you want more information, check out one of the many booths around the halls of Brock.

Election season means a lot of social media campaigns, petitions and candidates canvasing for votes in the halls. If you want more information, check out one of the many booths around the halls of Brock.

Why should I vote?

Admittedly, student governance isn’t the sexiest topic. However, it is vitally important. In BUSU’s Executive election last February, a record-breaking number of students participated and voted. 5,160 votes were cast, which was roughly 28.4 per cent of the student population at Brock University.

Let’s see if we can top that number this year, and capitalize on the buzz from this week’s Federal election and keep that political enthusiasm going.

This upcoming BUSU election, there are two things on the agenda, BUSAC candidates and a referendum. To check out our BUSAC candidate profiles, stay tuned to brockpress.com and check out next week’s print edition (October 27). The individuals running for BUSAC are running to officially represent you and you’re fellow students.

Additionally, the Fed Up referendum (discussed on the next page) is a decision that will impact more than just your school fees. It’s also a decision whether to continue the services provided by Fed Up: The Affordable Food Project.

Whatever the final decision is in the election, it will directly affect your student life and campus experience here at Brock. So, get informed and vote.

How do I vote?

No voter cards, no ID, no problem. Voting in BUSU elections is literally a one-step, simple process that can be done totally online. In order to vote in this election, all you have to do is log onto your Brocku.ca e-mail between Tuesday October 27 and Thursday October 29 (deadline is at 9:00 p.m.), and you’ll see an e-mail ballot which you can use to vote.

When you click on this ballot, you will be able to select the referendum, on which you can vote “yes” or “no”. In addition, if you are in the Faculties of Applied Health Science, Math and Sciences, or the Goodman School of Business, you’ll also receive a link to vote for one BUSAC seat representative in your faculty.

What is BUSAC?

The Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC) is a branch of Brock’s student government. They work within the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) to provide advocacy and a voice for students. They responsible for the oversight of student fees and referendums, all while helping BUSU in making major decisions.

BUSAC has representatives from each of Brock’s six undergraduate faculties, as well as additional representatives from other areas such as residence, off-campus living, and international students. For first-year students who are interested in getting involved in student government, BUSAC is a good place to start. BUSAC meetings are open to the public for anybody who is interested, and all students are able to run for either representative positions or student-at-large positions.


BUSAC has a huge impact on all Brock students because it is through BUSAC that recommendations for large-scale changes are proposed and discussed. BUSAC’s committees include the Clubs Policy committee, which decides the rules that govern all student clubs; the Elections and Referenda committees which makes major decisions related to student elections, as well as many other committees.

BUSU’s website lists by-laws, club funding, capital requests, political policies and elections as five of the core areas that BUSAC influences. Most of these decisions are proposed by committees, and then either approved or denied by the representatives at meetings.

Students who are interested in learning more about BUSAC can check out busu.net/representation/busac, contact their faculty or living representative, or contact Kayleigh Munro, the Clubs and Governance Manager, at kmunro@busu.net

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