Brock students dissent to animal cruelty in winter fashion

Jamie Lupia, Online Editor


Many people have been rapidly calling attention to what they eat, as well as the cruelty involved with it. So, why not what they put on their bodies? Brock Students for Animal Liberation (BSAL) have been working hard to get their Anti-Cruelty Canada Goose jacket posters up on the walls of Brock University before students and faculty start shopping for winter apparel.

These posters are used to consider a way to dress (and live) without having to harm animals, using education and activism to do so. This is a dominant goal for BSAL, coming together each year with consensus based-decision making. Every week the club meets Brock University’s Collaboratorium, the group gathers in order to talk and share ideas. Together they plan movie nights where they show interesting documentaries, as well as gather participants for protests, such as Marineland demos in Niagara Falls each year. At Brock University, this group of students make sure that the lives of animals are not left out of ethics.

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Many of the club’s members lead vegan lifestyles, and know effective and direct ways to approach this often unmentioned topic of animal liberation — through education. Also at their meetings, they discuss facts and ideas about animal liberation that also relate to everything from the environment, to personal health.

“Two months of shower water is used to produce one hamburger,” says Stephanie Piovesan, an activeleader in the club.

Providing shocking truths like this, rather than guilt, seem to be the key to BSAL’s success. The club plans on holding various events to promote these issues throughout the year, starting with your jackets this winter.

Brock Animal Liberation meets Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Collaboratorium in Thistle Complex. For more information on how to get involved, contact:


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