Brock celebrates Sir Isaac Brock’s 246th birthday

It was a bleak and dreary day in St. Catharines on October 6. The sky was overcast and the trees around campus were beginning to lose their leaves; one got the sense that the final signs that kept summer alive for us students were slowly fading before our eyes. Luckily, there was one special factor which kept the mood on campus from mirroring the transitioning weather that day. 246 years ago, to the day, Major-General Sir Isaac Brock was born in St. Peter Port on the Channel Island of Guernsey.

Kristen Smith, Manager of Student and Community Outreach and Sandy Howe, Service-learning Coordinator, made it a point to organize and execute a day that brings together the Brock community to celebrate the namesake of our institution in a campus wide event. “Who doesn’t like a good birthday party?” Smith asked as throngs of students began to congregate around the Sir Isaac Brock Statue in front of Tower. And why wouldn’t they? The planning committee organized booths which distributed cupcakes, juice, cardboard horns and very loud and catchy music all around the statue which proudly depicts “The Hero of Upper Canada”. There was even a giant four-tier wooden birthday cake placed directly beside Brock’s statue.

Badgers lead crowd to tower for Sir Isaac’s Party

Badgers lead crowd to tower for Sir Isaac’s Party

The birthday celebration officially began with a formal student march from Taro Hall to the Statue led by the Brock Badger Cheerleading Team. As the congregation arrived at its destination they were met by a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung by the Brock Musical Theatre Club. Pictures were taken, food was enjoyed and memories were made as hundreds of students paid homage to the university’s namesake.

This celebration wasn’t only about honouring the General though. To students like Tiffany Byron, events like this “engage students and help us grow as a school; they’re what make the whole [undergrad] experience fun.” Watching the diverse on-campus clubs and organizations coming together, the happy students feeling proud of their school’s identity, and the gaiety of the occasion made our big student population feel that much more connected. When proud badgers invest time in events like this, that’s what makes our community stand out from every other university in Ontario. We owe it to the General to come together and push on, or as he would say “Surgite”!

Nicholas Blasiak
Assistant Internal News Editor


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