Student Car-Share service available again this school year

Taking the bus is convenient for students because the bus pass fees are included within our tuition; however, bus routes can often be limiting, and therefore can make travelling many places impossible for students without cars.

The Student Car-Share program is as relatively accessible service offered to Brock students that need the assistance of a car and don’t own one.

“Car Share came about as an idea in 2014 from our Executive Team. BUSU looked at trying to find alternative modes of transportation in and around the Niagara Region,” said Chris Green, Manager, Marketing & Communications at BUSU. “Myself and our 2014 VPSS Paul Dermody worked on bringing this program to Brock. It has been functioning since September 2014 and has run consistently since.”
The initiative has been quite successful as students find the service practical; having a car is really useful when you are limited to only using public transit for every occasion. In the winter, it becomes important to be able to use a car to refrain from waiting in the cold for a bus or walking in the snow.

“The goal of the service was to a find a partner that would offer a reliable and affordable program for students. Student Car Share has been a great partner and students seem to love the service,” said Green.

“I rented a car off of Student Car-Share for the first time last year; I was tired of having to take the bus or taking a cab to Niagara Falls so my friends and I decided to just do it for a day. It was a great experience and so easy to do! Besides, it’s not as pricey as a cab would be,” said Camilla Rogers, second year student.

Aside from the fact that this service is a great idea for university students, the service is inexpensive.

“The typical membership is around $75, which includes a driver abstract, insurance and [$6] drive time. Currently there is a promotion for students that offers a $10 membership,” said Green.

Brittany Brooks/ The Brock Press

Brittany Brooks/ The Brock Press

Although the service is available to the majority of students, some rules do apply; Green said, “Students need to be 18 years of age, have a fairly clean driving record and have a G2 license,” however, “The membership is annual from the date you become a member”

So, what are you waiting for Badgers? This is a great way to get to know the Niagara Region and make some of the best memories.

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