Mahtay to get classy: Classy Chassys

Mahtay Café and Lounge is set to host the up-and-coming Canadian band, the Classy Chassys on September 13. The local café and lounge is located at 241 St. Paul Street, in St. Catharines and is known for its dedication of local talent, both in the wider sense of the Canadian music scene, and the homegrown, St. Catharines artistic community. For the Classy Chassys, this is the first time they will be performing in St. Catharines.

The Classy Chassys hail from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the hometown of fellow Canadian Rock band The Sheepdogs, with whom they’ve had the opportunity to share the stageCLASSY_chassys in the past, much as they have with Vancouver-based, One Bad Son.

Their string of influences include bands like Flogging Molly, Rancid, and AC/DC, a sure surprise to any who have not heard their music yet. Hearing that the Classy Chassys are a modern Rockabilly outfit, a genre which was mainly perpetuated in the 50’s, brings to mind artists like Elvis and Johnny Cash who thrived in that era. However, hearing their music and feeling the buzz of energy it conjures in its listeners, they are a band that doesn’t attempt to hide their influences, but instead, lovingly embraces them.

Most notably, the band has taken an old genre and shocked it with the biggest defibrillator they could find. As if they used a bolt of lightning or a transport truck battery, the energy they pumped into the heart of Rockabilly has brought the genre back to life in a unique way that is entirely theirs.
“It’s something new, something different, a new kind of style.” Said drummer, Luke Saretsky.

The energy of their playing is matched only by the energy of their showmanship when on stage.

“Our live shows are really high energy.” said Saretsky. “We pour our heart and soul into our stage act. There’s nothing better than coming in and watching a band putting it all out there and jumping around, giving their all. We just leave everything out on the stage and take nothing back every time we play.”

The Classy Chassys’ lineup is unique and impressive. The mix of instrumentation brings a well-rounded fullness of sound to their very high energy Rockabilly tunes. The Classy Chassys’ lineup consists of Guitar and Lead Vocals by Matt Joyal, Upright Bass by Dan Neumeier, Drums by Luke Saretsky and Saxophone by Kenny Martelli with everyone except Joyal sharing the responsibility of back-up vocals. It’s not very common anymore to find a modern four piece group who sports a saxophone instead of a second guitar or keyboards. The addition has worked out splendidly.

The tour they are currently on is set to go as far east as Montreal and is following the February release of their newest EP, Rebel Hearts. This is their second EP. The first, Ain’t No Thang, was released in the spring of 2013 and attracted the attention of Danny Craig of the Vancouver based hard rock band, Default, with whom they joined forces to produce Rebel Hearts.

They are also preparing to work with Danny Craig yet again to produce their first full-length album.

The Classy Chassys will be playing at Mahtay Café and Lounge on September 13. The show is scheduled to be at 10:00 p.m. To RSVP, please visit either the Classy Chassys website at or their Facebook page at For more information or to hear some of their music ahead of time you can visit their website at

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