Looking ahead to September for Brock varsity sports

Last year, Brock Badger varsity teams showed they were the best in their respective leagues as they were crowned OUA Champions. Then there were others that fell short of their goals and some that had forgettable seasons.

As the 2015-16 year approaches, some teams have begun their new seasons, while others are still preparing. Nonetheless, the opening month of September includes some interesting games and tournaments that could possibly define a Badgers season. Here is a look at key upcoming games in the month of September for our Brock Badgers:

Men’s Lacrosse
September 11 – season opener at McMaster University
September 13 – home opener versus Guelph University – the school who eliminated Brock from the playoffs last season
September 19 – opening of Brock University new turf field as men’s lacrosse take on Western University. Game starts at 1:00 p.m.

Men’s and Women’s Soccer
September 19 – homecoming as both soccer teams take on York University. Women play at 1:00pm and men at 3:00pm.

Men’s Baseball
September 12 – season opener at York University
September 19- during Brock’s Homecoming, the baseball team travels to Queen’s University
September 20 – Brock travels to Western to face off against the only OUA team to defeat the Badgers last season
September 26 – home opener against Laurier University

Men’s Rugby
September 9 – season opener at McMaster University
September 19 – Homecoming/home opener versus Toronto University at 3:00 p.m.

Women’s Rugby
September 11 – season opener at Guelph University
September 19 – Homecoming/home opener versus Laurier University at 1:00 p.m.

Men’s Hockey
September 17 – pre-season game versus Guelph University at 7:15 p.m. (Seymour-Hannah Centre)
September 18 – pre-season game versus Windsor University at 7:15 p.m. (Seymour-Hannah Centre)

Men’s and Women’s Rowing
September 19 – Western Open Tournament
September 26 – Head of Welland Tournament

Cross Country
September 19 – New Bal Vic Matthews Open
September 26 – Western International Invitational
September 26 – open pre-season play versus Niagara College


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