Live4Dance: more than a routine

In the time that I have spent at Brock University since my first year, there have been many things that students and faculty members say, which describe the school as one that sets us apart from others. Brock is known to make sure students know they are not “just a number”.

There are many different clubs at Brock University that make students feel like they belong to something special by staff and fellow peers. By having numerous clubs at this university, it gives people places that they can go in order to get away from daily responsibilities, relieve stress, all while having fun.

Ashlee Mein, the President of Live4Dance and Director of Competition, Albert Marzan, answered some questions about why this dance club is not only one of the most fitting clubs for people who love hip-hop dance, but also, why it is beneficial in more ways than just dance.

“Live4Dance is a place where people from all different faculties can come in and enjoy what they like to do – which is dancing, and expressing themselves as people, so bringing people together is very beneficial because it helps them make new friends” said Mein.

The club has helped both Mein and Marzan deal with stress by coming out to dance classes and putting aside negative emotions to be in an environment filled with happiness and positive people.

“Live4dance was founded in 2009 by myself and Enalyn Destacamento. The main reason we started this club was to give the students of Brock the confidence and courage to showcase their teaching abilities via dance,” said Reet Roy, Brock alumnus and founder of Live4Dance. “We thought it would be a brat opportunity for aspiring dancers/choreographers to get their teaching experience through the club and gain valuable training. We started with just 50 people in our first semester but by the end of second year we were one of the biggest clubs at Brock with 180 club members coming regularly to these classes. We are all about building the community and giving exposure to the future leaders of Brock in Dance.”

“It’s something to do leisurely, there are no restrictions, you can come by your leisure, you don’t have to go to every class, you can pick and choose, whatever floats your boat”, said Marzan.

Live4Dance has helped these two executive team members in so many ways and has inspired them in many ways they did not think it could. There are deeper things that this club can help people deal with. When asked how the club has helped them or inspired them, it was more of an intimate question that brought a lot of emotions out in each of them.

“It has helped me get through a lot, even with family situations,” said Mein. “In terms of helping me through life, you don’t know what to expect, everything is new. A lot of people, myself included, fall under this deep depression when they first come into a new environment. And that was me for the first two years of university. But Live4Dance was my ‘happy place’, it made me realize how much I love dance. Without Live4Dance, I wouldn’t be who I am and I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today” said Marzan.

Not only have Mein and Marzan learned from this club, but they also want to teach other students certain things as well.

“Honestly, my time here with Live4Dance is very limited now. It is my last year and I’m graduating this year and all I want future members to see is that dancing isn’t always about looking good. Whether you’re at a beginner level or professional level, we’re all here together to do what we love and that is to have fun. And that is what I want to pass on before I graduate” said Marzan.

“I also want them to know that dance isn’t strict – you can do a simple two-step and you could be having the time of your life. If you don’t want to do it as a profession, take it as a hobby” added Mein.

In terms of their opinion regarding whether they would suggest people to join clubs like Live4Dance to help people express their feelings, they both agreed that everyone should take the chance to do something they are afraid of doing. Brock University offers many different clubs that can help many people seek out what their favourite hobbies are and Live4Dance is one of the many clubs that can do that for students.

No matter what a student has to face, if dance is a hobby of theirs, whether or not they believe they are a good dancer or not, Live4Dance seems very inviting to each individual student. This club is there for you and so are the other clubs Brock University has to offer. By getting involved in a club like Live4Dance, you definitely become more than just a number at Brock University.

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