How to make your own club at Brock

So you are interested in starting a club on campus but you aren’t sure where to start? Luckily the Brock University Students Union (BUSU) has made this process simple and organized for the student population.

BUSU has broken the process for making a ratified school club into six simple steps that are available to any Brock University student.

The first step to making a club official is to contact BUSU’s Clubs Manager. This year’s Club Manager is Kayleigh Munro, who can help out by answering any questions one may have about forming a BUSU ratified club and provide the dates for the next club ratification period.

The second step is to attend the information session BUSU holds each Sept.15.Arts.and.Life.Vendor.Fair05semester. This session will be held in late October and is for those who want more information on how to ratify a club through BUSU. At the session, they will be going over the requirements and benefits of BUSU ratification.

At the end of the session, there will be forms made available for students to fill out. Filling out these forms is step three on the way to ratifying a club. Although these forms are ultimately meant to be handed in to the BUSU office in hard copy format, they are also willing to accommodate students who are not local by communicating over email.

These forms can be returned to BUSU upon completion for review by BUSU’s VP of Student Services and the Clubs Policy Committee. This is the fourth of the requirements for new clubs to become ratified.

Once reviewed by the VP and the Committee, the clubs who have been approved will be notified and be made an officially ratified BUSU club after arranging the club’s first meeting and setting it up an ExperienceBU page.

The final step to the process is to gain access to the Clubs Portal. The Clubs Portal is where most of the perks of being a BUSU ratified club are. This includes room bookings, table bookings, funding requests and printing requests. These steps are also similar to those used by club leaders every year to keep the clubs ratified.

Ratifying a club through BUSU can be very beneficial for any organized group on campus. “By ratifying a club through BUSU, students receive access to many different perks,” said Munro. “Some of these include free poster and banner printing, access to room and table bookings, free lockers and free Isaac’s bookings. Also, clubs can request funding from BUSU to purchase shirts, cover conference fees, plan events, etc. We want our clubs to provide the best experience to their members and the students at Brock so we will support them however we can!”

These perks are just part of the many reasons why a club should be ratified by BUSU. Clubs are important to student life and these perks represent that importance.

“There is so much more to a student’s university experience than just academics,” said Munro. “Clubs are a great way for students to make new friends, learn from each other and just have fun! All you need are signatures from 10 students to get started! Once you have that, we will walk students through all the forms required.”

The BUSU ratification process has been proven to be beneficial to many different groups over the course of Brock’s history. Currently there are over 90 clubs ratified by BUSU, all of which are appealing to their own target audienSept.15.Arts.and.Life.Vendor.Fair06ces.

“We have a lot of really cool clubs on campus students might not know about,” said Munro. “You can link to the club directory to see the full list. Some I would recommend are: BADD (Badgers Against Drunk Driving – a new club that advocates against drinking and driving), Games on Tap (a new club that focuses on playing strategic board games), Health Magazine (they produce a magazine that gets published and is available around campus), Improv (both for fun and competitive), ISA (International Students’ Association – our oldest club on campus), League of Legends, National Model United Nations (which travelled to New York last year), Playmakers (hosts sports tournaments to raise money to cover the cost of sporting equipment for those who are less fortunate). I am currently working with two different students to start an A Cappella club as well as a Photography club!”

Although forming a ratified club can be very beneficial for a group, it is not the only way to form an on campus club. For example, the athletics department has its own list of clubs ratified with them.

All those who are interested in starting or joining a club can follow the steps provided above or check out the clubs directory on the BUSU club s page which can be found at

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