FILM REVIEW – Mad Max: fury road

Fans of high octane action films may be familiar with the 1980s film franchise, Mad Max, starring Mel Gibson. Now, Warner Bros. has taken it upon themselves to create another film in the Mad Max saga for today’s generation: Mad Max: Fury Road.

The world of Mad Max is a desert wasteland. Food, water and fuel are scarce and the social results are absolute chaos and violence imposed by a strict dictatorship. Through a series of near deadly events such as being captured and used as a human blood bag by one of the War boySept.8.AL.ReviewMad Max servants of the warlord, Immortan Joe (the antagonist of the film). Max (played by Tom Hardy), ends up in the company of a woman named Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron) who is the driver of a War-rig (a key vehicle in Immortan Joe’s fleet). She betrays Immortan Joe to help his slave wives escape to freedom, as well as a turncoat War boy named Nux (played by Nicholas Hoult). The three of them must work together to journey across the vast desert that post-apocalyptic Australia has become to save the lives of the four women who were forced to marry a cruel warlord and the children they are each carrying.

The movie is action packed. Full of gunfire, explosions and exciting car chases. There is more than enough excitement to keep you at the edge of your seat. Though the protagonist, Max, talks very little, he makes up for it with his brutal fight scenes, strong stage presence and many grunts in place of words.

Hardy did a very good job at portraying his character without needing to say much at all. As thrilling as this film was, however, it did lack a certain depth in regards to the plot and a few scenes seemed to drag on without moving the plot forward. But with all the excitement in other scenes, I feel it more than compensates.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable to watch and I feel it fits very well into the Mad Max series. If you enjoy high octane action films, Mad Max: Fury Road is a must see film.

-Andrew Von Lukawiecki

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