BUSU launches new, fully responsive website

Just in time, before the start of the fall semester, BUSU has launched their new website and frankly, it rocks. With a modern and sophisticated look, the website is now more captivating and informative than ever. Once you type the address, busu.net, it directs you to the homepage where it features videos of students on campus and campus events from previous years. It is also a much more user-friendly, fully responsive site, with information easily accessible and labelled.

“The request for the website was made last year, and we started the process of updating the website but weren’t happy overall,” BUSU President Kyle Rose.

The creator, Jordan Hallawell, designed the website along with the BUSU team in order to facilitate the lives of those students who want to navigate the website to gather information about BUSU, as well as accessing information in regards to getting involved on campus; The website is also much more visually appealing and interactive.

“[The website is now] better integrated for an iPad or a smartphone; it is way more user-friendly and easy to navigate through. For people who don’t know the organization, they can click on [the BUSU member’s] faces and get a description [with contact information] as well as their position and extension number. So, within the perspective of someone who doesn’t know the student union, they can look there and find the answers to their questions,” said Rose.

Being able to access the website on your phone or tablet is a huge step forward for the website, since students will be able to search it up on the go, and let’s be honest, as millennials, we are aware that most of the time we use our phones instead since we are too lazy to get out of bed and grab our laptops from our desk.

The website improvements also facilitate the lives of BUSU members since it is much more organized and it provides information that is also convenient for them to use.

“In terms of accessing older files, there are archives [from previous] referendums, contracts called memorandums of understanding (MOUs), which basically outlines whenever an organization wants to charge students money, they have to write and MOU and the student’s union signs it, as well as whoever is leading the other organization and then its an agreement between the two parties, and that is all online as well as statistics, voter trends, [etc.] There are also BUSAC reports put by executives and that way students who are potentially running next year, can look at it and find out what were doing”, stated Rose.

Check out the re-designed site at busu.net

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