Brock wins ‘Fair Trade’ campus of the year award

Brock’s 3 annual Fair Trade Campus Week will be taking place this year from Monday September 21 to Friday September 25.

During the week, the Brock Fair Trade club will be critically looking at diverse social justice and environmental issues and connecting them to Fair Trade._Istafa and Anneka

In association with a multitude of student groups, this year’s Fair Trade Campus Week will be different than previous years by having the support of many other students that are involved in different clubs, and persuading those to join and haven’t yet.

“Fair Trade is the idea of treating everyone fairly no matter where they’re from. It is an alternative to the traditional market system and it ensures fair wages for workers, worker’s rights, environmental practices and other aspects of sustainability,” said Anneka Bosse, cofounder of the Brock Fair Trade club.

Bosse explains that Fair Trade Campus Week will specifically be interpreting the question ‘What is fair?’ as a starting point and will then go more in depth within the subject looking at different topics that relate to Fair Trade, as well as sharing information about the matter.

“Brock was designated as a Fair Trade Campus back in September 2013, so this is its third year as a Fair Trade Campus. Each year we hold a Fair Trade week to make students aware of the designation. This year we’re doing things a bit differently; we are including a bunch of other groups from Brock to take more of a critical look at what is fair from different social justice and environmental perspectives. There will be different presentations, workshops and tabling during the week from groups such as: the Student Justice Centre, Brock Eco Club, Brock Students for Animal Liberation, Big Questions Club, Cinema Politica, DIG-Brock Community Garden, Food Affordability for Students Today, Students Against Migrant Exploitation and Young, Black, and Educated,” said Bosse.

With this many clubs and groups, the idea of Fair Trade can be looked at in many different perspectives and it enhances the purpose of Fair Trade Week as it gathers students from different lifestyles, interests and groups and creates awareness of the issue being presented.

“For the last couple of years, Fairtrade Canada has been holding the Fair Trade Awards to recognize efforts from around Canada regarding Fair Trade, and one of the categories is Fair Trade Campus of the Year. This year, Brock University won the award,” said Bosse.

Fairtrade Canada awarded Brock the “Fair Trade Campus of the Year” award as a result of the successful collaboration between Brock University administration, Dining Services, BUSU, students, and faculty. Bosse and Istafa Sufi, former president of Brock Eco Club, accepted the award at the Gladstone hotel in Toronto on September 17

“I think, personally, [that the reason] why Brock may have been awarded this is because a lot of the Fair Trade initiatives on campus have been student-run and student-developed. Starting from Brock Fair Trade, which is a student run club that I cofounded back in October 2011,and the fact that we are trying to bring intersectionallity into the idea of what Fair Trade is,” said Bosse.

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