Brock Talk: What’s your favourite spot at Brock and why?

Whether you are someone who requires peace and quiet, or someone who would rather be in an active and collaborative environment, the St. Catharines Brock campus has a spot for every taste.

There is the many different cafeterias, there’s the library for some tranquillity, there’s Union station if you’re looking for a more lively feel, or maybe you’re not interested in finding a spot where you can do work; maybe what you’re looking for is that one place where you can relieve stress and forget about all of the school assignments, midterms, and exams that are haunting you at night like the Zone and aquatic centre .

The point is, there are many places around campus to suit each student personally. The Brock Press decided to ask what your favourite spot on campus is and why, here are some of the responses:


“Honestly, my favourite spot on campus is probably here [at Union Station], I like the environment, there are always a lot of people here talking and studying, and it’s nice to just hangout here while being surrounded with other students.”

- Rebbecca Pallermo



“My favourite spot on campus is wherever there’s food; specifically Market.”

- Natalie Burrows



“My favourite spot on campus is the Pond Inlet, because it’s secluded, peaceful, and self-contained, and there are never any disturbances or interferances with your thought processing”

- Bob Smith



“My favourite spot on Brock would have to be the Brock Tower because it is had become almost a symbol for what the Brock campus stands for: industriousness, effort and perseverance.”

- Nour Doumani

“I would have to say that my favourite spot here at Brock is the Zone. It helps me get away from my everyday stress and anxiety and it also helps me meet new people; it’s allowed me to find people with the same interests as me”

- Erik Jefferson

“ I think that there’s no one place that I absolutely love. I know it’s weird but I think I just love the campus as a whole; all the different areas are so unique that they compliment one another and it is cool to know that I have the opportunity to sit at a place like [Union Station], where there’s a lot of noise and people, and the next day, if I’m not feeling up for it, I can always go to the Library or Plaza Building or Cairns and I know I will be able to find a quiet spot to do my work or just simply hangout.”

- Nicole Pernia

“I like to hangout just outside of Walker Complex’ where the trees are to the left as soon as you exit;. It’s such an underrated spot I feel; nobody ever really thinks of it as a legitimate place but I often sit there on those rocks and do my readings. In the winter I usually just sit in the library. I guess I really like quiet places.”

- Nick Cabello

“ I would have to say Market. I love the environment and it’s so spacious. I like the fact that I can do work alone, or with a group and I’ll always be able to concentrate because even though there are always so many people there, it always seems to be so peaceful. The music is also awesome, and of course, there’s food.”

- Elina DaSilva

“I like the gym. It’s cool to not worrying about paying for it throughout the year and having it so close to residence; also, I live in village so it makes it very easy for me to go without hesitation.”

- Cesar Vasquez

“Isaac’s is probably my favourite spot on campus, I mean, what’s there not to like? And well, I guess during the day there’s always the library and Walker Complex since they have Teriyaki Express and Tim Hortons. It’s my go-to spot to work on assignments.”

- Jenny Reddon

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