Brock Sport Management through the eyes of a student

Brock’s SPMA program is regarded as one of the premier SPMA (Sport Management) programs in North America. You need a scholarship just to get into the program and it is certainly no walk in the park.

However, because of its high standards, the talent of the students is often astounding. It makes me proud that I chose Brock.

Why did I choose Brock? Personally, for sp-leafs22julymost of high school I wanted to go either into sports journalism or sport broadcasting. Yet, when it came to grade twelve and I was ready for post-secondary, Brock just spoke to me. They were the first school to accepted me and, on top of that, I was offered a scholarship, so it was really special for me. Brock communicated very well with me; they were quick to answer my e-mails, they wanted me to come down and visit, they made me feel as though I was part of the family, which is something that was very important to me. They quickly rose above the other schools, in my shortlist

In reflection of the actual program, getting to go to school to learn and talk about sports is extraordinary for me. My potential career could be in the sports field which is my passion. It’s potentially within my reach to have a satisfying job that I’ll be passionate about. As well, the opportunity to have co-op in third year and the fourth year internship made Brock’s SPMA program an absolute slam dunk for me. I was happy to accept my offer of admission, and am ready to continue my program this September as I enter second year.

SPMA has great professors, they know how to make their course material come to life. The professors care about their students and want to see them succeed. They are genuine people and not automated teaching robots. Plus, they are always around to have a conversation. Whether you have concerns about the course or you need a little guidance elsewhere, the professors at Brock want to help you succeed and understand that life can be hard.

The teachers are backed up by top-notch TAs who I cannot say enough about. Professors do their best to be a student’s lifeline, but in lectures of almost two-hundred students there is only so much they can do.

That is why there are TAs who help out through seminars, meetings and whatever else they can do. They were all students at Brock or still are, and understand what a SPMA student is going through, especially first-year students. They helped me on both a professional scale and on a personal scale, helping shape me into a better student. They helped make the classroom an interactive place, especially in seminar, where each student and their group had to teach their fellow classmates an entire unit for a project.

To build on the interactive aspect of the classroom, some of my favourite interactions throughout first year were when our lectures had speakers come in. It was exceptional to be sitting there and being lectured to by people such as, the CEO of Speed Skating Canada, Ian Moss. Then even getting to have a one on one conversation with them, where they could answer all your questions and share even more of their experiences and knowledge. Another benefit to the SPMA program is the networking, being around like-minded, professional people was extremely beneficial for me.

Brock’s SPMA program is not perfect, there are kinks and wrinkles here and there. SPMA students are gifted with a well-structured schedule, and not an overload of in-class activity, which gives time to complete work and study. The weighing system for some assignments did not exactly add up for me, as I found some were valued much higher than they should be. I figure the material that is taught the most should be worth the most and vice-versa, however it does not always work out that way. In the professors’ defence they do offer office hours and even extra-help sessions for the material sometimes, which they believe their students may not be ready for.

It is clear Brock’s SPMA program is a diverse and interesting program, which beats to its own drum. There are some bumps in the road, but nothing is perfect and the positives absolutely out-weigh the negatives.

As I enter my second year, I’m excited to see what the next three years will bring me. From the people I will meet and the new topics surrounding sports management. This program continues to grow as the best in Canada and the students are growing right along with it.

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