Brock Campus Store prioritizes students with lower textbook prices

Hunting down textbooks at an affordable price is an inevitable struggle in the life of a university student. Not only do we have to save money all summer to be able to pay for necessities such as food, rent and our daily (and rather important) morning coffee, we also have to ensure we acquire sufficient funds to pay for books that a lot of the time we don’t necessarily use (whether it be because students don’t find it necessary throughout the course or just simply due to laziness).

The days of having to search for countless Facebook groups regarding textbook sales, and having numerous uncomfortable encounters with unfamiliar Badgers to sell and buy textbooks at an affordable price may finally be over, however. A positive change is taking place at the Campus Store as they’ve lowered prices on required textbooks throughout the store to compete with online retailers like Amazon and e-Bay.

“We’re trying to find students affordable options. We recognize the rising price of tuition and debts students are facing and we play a part in that, and in order to assist and help students, that was one of our major drivers that [encouraged us] to lower our prices” said Kate Dudley, Campus Store coordinator of marketing and communications.

The Campus Store has dedicated itself to accommodate textbook prices that fit within students’ tight budgets. They undergo a routine process in order to allow the Campus Store to be the number one source where students can go to when looking for textbooks they need, while also being able to pay for them comfortably.

“Every day we directly review our prices and all the books that are on our booklist are directly reviewed with Amazon prices, so we see if Amazon carries the book, then we see what Amazon sets the price at and we make our price comparison and we change our price accordingly and we do that every single morning” said Dudley.

This action will not only have a positive impact on the student body, but also on the school. The Campus Store would often be considered as a last resource to purchase textbooks since students would be often able to find a more affordable option elsewhere. With this change, the Campus Store will become an easier and more affordable resource for students as it is situated on campus, and students will be able to own brand new textbooks instead of textbooks that are the wrong edition and have doodles on them. “We are student focused so we look at this [process] as something the Campus Store needed to do in order to support the student body, and we started this from that regard” added Dudley.

To compare textbook prices with that of Amazon and see the required textbooks for your courses, visit

Christy Mitchell/The Brock Press

Christy Mitchell/The Brock Press

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