“Behind the scene” heroes

As many of us know, it takes a strong team of people to be able to run an entire university campus. What we usually fail to remember is just how important some of the behind-the-scenes staff are, and just how much we depend on them throughout the year. Whether it’s ensuring student’s safety, serving students food, or setting up for campus events, these individuals play a key role in the badger community. Students may not know every volunteer and worker, but let’s try our best to recognize the, often unthanked, efforts of so many individuals across campus.

Photo courtesy of Studentpowered.ca

Photo courtesy of Studentpowered.ca

The first heroes we would like to acknowledge are our Isaac’s Security staff. Yes, most of us hate it when they hold back the line or catch you trying to sneak into Isaac’s but we really do rely on them for a major part of student safety. They do their very best to ensure every student feels safe when coming into Isaac’s and gets home safely whether it be with a friend or in a cab. During busy times like Homecoming and St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sure we can all imagine just how difficult this could be.

Another necessary safety mechanism at Brock is Campus Security. They patrol 24 hours a day making sure every student on campus is safe, and comfortable. Whether it’s walking students to their cars after a 10:00 p.m. class or ensuring that a student’s safety is never compromised, they always seem to be around when needed.

The second set of heroes we would like to thank is our food services staff. Working in one of the residence dining halls isn’t easy, especially when there are so many orders to take, and hungry stomachs to feed. This doesn’t just include those working in dining halls, as General Brock staff, Guernsey Market, Tim Hortons, Skybar and Union Station employees all deserve appreciation for their commitment to food on campus.

These tireless individuals are here early in the morning and well into the night in order to prepare for rushes of hungry residents. I may sound like your mother when I say this, but remember just how important a simple “thank you” or acknowledgement can be to someone who’s working hard. It makes others feel appreciated and shows clear mutual respect.

Thirdly, the custodial staff plays a vital role in the running of our campus. Notice how clean our halls and classrooms are? Well, it’s because of these people. Cleaning up after thousands of students is definitely no easy job, and they make it look easy. Multiple classrooms, dining halls, study spaces, the Zone and many other spots around Brock get cleaned daily so that students have the best learning environment possible.

Student Life and Community Experience (SLCE) also play a major role in making sure students feel welcome when they come onto campus. They help get students involved in the community, help them transition from high school to university and provide support to students living off-campus. They strive to give students a positive school experience outside the classroom and work extremely hard to do so, as many SLCE employees are also students. They recently put on VolunteerFEST where multiple local charities and services came out to give information about volunteer opportunities to students. VolunteerFEST represents just one of their great successes and gave students the opportunity to learn more about different services in the St. Catharines area that they may have never known about.

Although we couldn’t name all of the behind the scenes heroes in this short piece, it’s important to remember that many of the services at Brock don’t get the same amount of recognition as others. Understandably, it’s nearly impossible to thank every single staff member individually all the time, but being appreciative and saying thank you after receiving a service goes a long way. When faces become more familiar to us, the school can seem more welcoming and fun especially for new students just arriving, so make conversation, say “hi” in the hallways and expand your circle of acquaintances. Hopefully this article gives insight to some of the jobs around campus that we forget to appreciate at times, but really are some of the most important.

You can find more student powered blogs at StudentPowered.ca, where our goal is to empower students to live better.

-Emily Hribljan

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