Alpha Pi Phi: the truth behind one of Canada’s largest sororities

I’m sure you’ve heard of rumours about what sororities are supposedly like; big parties, lots of drinking, and no studying. These Hollywood-constructed stereotypes have been the epitome of misconception that lead students to believe sororities do nothing productive aside from being the inspiration to a lot of movies that fall under the comedy category on Netflix. Although sorority girls know how to have fun, they aren’t new to academics and community work.

During an interview with Alpha Pi Phi’s Vice-president Melaina Lindsay and Secretary Sara Gallagher, all of these misconceptions were cleared to provide students an understanding of what it’s actually like to be a sister.

“It’s not just partying and drinking like you see in the movies, and that is one of the biggest stigmas we have”; said Gallagher. “We have an anti-hazing policy.”

Alpha Pi Phi’s first chapter was established at Carleton University in Ottawa and it was founded in 2009. Now, the sorority is widely known as it has grown up to seven chapters within the span of six years. Alpha Pi Phi is one of the largest growing Canadian sororities and they are now considered national, as they’ve also reached BC says Lindsay.

“Our chapter [at Brock] was founded in 2011, so to think that from 2011 to 2015 we almost have 100 girls is a big deal” said Gallagher.

The Alpha Pi Phi girls stay close since they all sustain the same ideals. They work to maintain their role within the sorority as well as working towards moving up within the positions and committees available. They also work towards maintaining good grades in order to be in good stance within the group.

“We are founded on Love, Loyalty and Friendship, and that’s what Alpha Pi Phi stands for in Greek, and that is a really big thing for us. We also stand for academics too; we need to [maintain] our average, and if [anyone one of us falls] behind then we have girls to help you get back on track. I know I struggled in first year with grades, and [Alpha Pi Phi] really helped me get out of probation” said Gallagher.
Not only do they provide support for one another, but they also work to share their “Love, Loyalty and Friendship” motto to the community by volunteering and organizing fundraisers.

“We do a lot of philanthropy work, we have this one road that we clean twSept 8. Internal.Alpha Phio or three times a year minimum. It’s a lot of work but [considering] how much money we raise and how many lives we affect, it’s honestly the best feeling in the world,” said Lindsay. “Community work is [very important]. Each sister has to have 20 hours a semester of philanthropy work, which our philanthropy chairman will give out hours for.”

One of the fundraisers they’ve been a part of was “Do it for Doczy”, which consisted of raising funds to help out Milan Doczy, a Brock University student and hockey player for the Owen Sound Attack OHL (Ontario Hockey League) from the Czech Republic who was diagnosed with cancer.

“We hosted a bar night, and people bought tickets to come to it and we had a donations fair [as well],” stated Gallagher.

“Our beta pledge class raised money too and raised over $1,000 so we donated around $3,000 in total and we got to send [Doczy] back home to see his family before the treatment” said Lindsay.

Of course, all of these events and fundraisers are organized properly thanks to a carefully designed team of people within Alpha Pi Phi with different roles. It is not as simple as it is made out to be in the media as there are real business-like positions and responsibilities for everyone who joins, so that everything is managed properly and is under control.

“There are different positions within it. We have an Executive Council [which] are the people that oversee smaller positions, there’s also Rush, which takes care of recruitment, there’s Social, Academics Chair, and Public Relations. Most girls have a position and if you don’t hold a position you are in a committee”, said Gallagher, “All these positions really set you up for real life [and] it is good for networking too. A lot of girls from before are now teachers and some of the girls from our sorority can contact their chapter and ask if they can help them out getting a job within their district.”

As far as joining Alpha Pi Phi goes, it’s just a matter of attending the oh-so-famous “rush week”. There are plenty of events and social gatherings to choose from where you get to meet the fabulous ladies from the sorority themselves, as well as acquiring information regarding the group.

“It’s a recruitment process. We have two weeks full of events; we have Vendor Fair to [provide] information, we have meet and greets for those who are interested and we go more in depth about our sorority” said Lindsay.

“It is almost like O-week exclusively for Greek life. We are [constantly] growing and looking for new people. We really stick to our Love, Loyalty and Friendship [motto], we have a huge family bond; it doesn’t matter if you are shy or outgoing, you drink or don’t, you will always click with [us]. We arrange every event in order to make it work for everyone. We have events all day so if you have to go to class you can still come to one before or after. It’s a work hard play hard type of thing”, said Gallagher.

“We are also not judgmental. Most people [have the misconception] that sorority girls are like that but we are the opposite, we try to stray away from that.” Lindsay added.


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