Album Review: Five Finger Death Punch: Got Your Six

Metal heads and rockers beware, Five Finger Death Punch is back yet again with another outstanding album. After having teased fans since 2013, Got Your Six was finally released on September 4, and did not disappoint.

The album’s name was chFFDP-Got-Your-Six-Album-Coverosen because this is the sixth album from the band that has grown to be a legendary player in the metal genre. All of their albums to date have been met with outstanding critical and financial success, with Got Your Six looking equally promising.

Even without the thought put into the naming of the album and the marketable history of the band’s craftsmanship, this album could sell itself. All the songs on the album either live up to or surpass expectations. Listening to it, I found myself entirely absorbed. The rhythms and lyrics held within the songs snare you and it is with great reluctance that you pry yourself loose. It is simply too good to stop listening.

Along with the very catchy, titular song of the album, “Got Your Six”, are a few mentionables that I felt sold the album to me without the help of the others. “Jeckyll and Hyde” comes to mind in this regard.

This is the single that was released leading up to the album’s drop and I must say it was an excellent choice. Hearing that song alone would be enough for me to buy the album on launch day.

Another favourite of mine from the album is, “No Sudden Movement”. This song is dripping with intensity, which is nothing less than expected from a Five Finger Death Punch song. The same could be said about “Boots and Blood” and “Meet My Maker”.

If you love intensity, this is the album for you and if you aren’t already a fan of Five Finger Death Punch you are about to become one. They are the living embodiment of intensity and this album is just one more perfect example of that. That said, I highly recommend this album. It was a great listen that appealed to my love of the metal genre in so many ways.

-Matthew Von Lukawiecki

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