A guide to essential Brock-branded gear

A new school year connotes many things: a new schedule, new courses, new friends, new room décor and new opportunities. Every year is the same story; we look through our stuff from the previous school year,sort out what can be used again and what can’t, and proceed to buy what we need in order to succeed (or survive) the school year.

Big box stores may have great apparel and products, but there’s one thing they don’t have – Brock branding on everything! With a wide selection of new merchandise, including home essentials, the Brock Campus Store has revamped its game and is better than ever. The items are listed on the campus store website. However, if you are walking around campus reading the paper right now, the products are listed below so you can head to the Campus Store once you’re done reading

Nike apparel:
The popular brand has teamed up with Brock University and has been incorporated into the new sports line. Some of the options of the Nike sports gear include long sleeve tops in both red and grey with the word “Badgers” on the left sleeve, which are perfect to go for a run outside when it gets a little colder. There are also short sleeve shirts available for those who prefer to work out indoors during the wintertime and outdoors in the summer. They are also available for both men and women and depict the badger logo on the left side of the shirt. They are available in black, red, grey and navy blue. To complete the look, the campus store offers men’s shorts in red, half-zip sweaters in the traditional Brock colours of black, navy and red, as well as hoodies and full-zip sweaters and polo shirts in white and red.

Baseball shirts:
Similar to the rugby shirts, the baseball shirts are great to wear to lecture while looking great and feeling comfortable. They are a little more elaborate than the sports wear. They are long sleeve; both sleeves and the pocket are red, the rest of the shirt is grey and it says “Badger” on the right sleeve. The only difference between the men’s and women’s baseball shirts is the writing; the women’s shirt has “Badgers” written in cursive as opposed to the men’s, which are written in the traditional Brock U font.

Although winter is coming soon, these flip-flops were made for walking (but seriously, they are very comfortable). It doesn’t matter if summer is basically over; students still have a chance to sport these Badger flip-flops to class, or even wear them in the shower when going to the gym, because who wants to actually step barefoot on that floor? No one, the answer is no one.

There is a reason why the name “Bed, Brock and Beyond” is circulating amongst students and social media. Part of the new merchandise includes a home line where badgers can buy the most awesome room décor and necessities for their campus dorm or house. There are two styles: a blue comforter and pillow which has the famous Brock logo with the fingerprint printed on it in navy blue, as well as a red Badger one. Both styles are different since one is more classic and the other sporty in order to suit most students’ preferences and taste.

Throw pillow:
To compliment your bedding set, or maybe to simply add a touch of colour and school spirit to the couch in the living room, Badger throw pillows are also available with either the Brock logo or the Badger logo in both navy blue and red.

Laundry bag:
We all know and have “the chair”. The one where we throw all of our clothes once we take them off after a long day until it eventually disappears while drowning under a pile of dirty laundry. Thankfully, the Campus Store now offers a Brock University laundry bag. It is black and has “Property of Brock University 1964” written on it in white.

Badger towel:
The towel goes with the school pride theme, displaying the Badger logo or the “Property of Brock University 1964” design, both in red and white. They are useful not only to have at home but also to go to the Brock Aquatic Centre, to the Zone and to use them if you’re lucky wnough to go away to Cuba during reading week

Brock dorm pants:
The term fashion takes on a whole new meaning in University; comfort is always the new black. Now, the Campus Store provides dorm pants such as sweatpants and pajama pants that also feature the name Brock University in different styles and patterns such as plaid and solid colours. Who ever said comfortable can’t be chic?


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