This week at Detour Music Hall: Heart Attack Kids and Taylor Wallace

What better way to spend the last nights of your summer than to see different bands from all over performing live at a local music hall? Luckily, this week Detour Music Hall is the venue for not one, but two concerts being put on by Indoor Shoes.

The first of the two shows is set to take place at Detour on Thursday, August 20, at 8:00 p.m. It will be featuring Heart Attack Kids as the headliners with supporting performances from Inhalants, Dimwits, and The Sex Appeal. All the bands playing are from Ontario, with Heart Attack Kids coming from London, Dimwits from Beamsville, and both Inhalants and The Sex Appeal being local to St. Catharines. The show is an all ages event and tickets are $8.

Heart Attack Kids is a two‐piece punk, alternative‐rock band who hails from London, Ontario. The duo consists of Jared Ellul on vocals and guitar and Nathan Stock on drums and keys with both of them sharing the responsibility of writing. For those who would think that a two‐piece band with this particular combination of genres may sound like it’s lacking something be assured it’s not. Heart Attack Kids’ have taken to their art with spectacular efficiency. Utilizing the various effects afforded by modern music technology and the full sound of their detailed playing style they are able to more than make up for the lacking band mates. (That is, if you can really call it lacking.) They will definitely be a spectacle at Detour that you won’t want to miss out on. For more information about tour dates or to check out some videos of the duo performing, you can go to their website at

On Friday, August the 21, the second show will be featuring Taylor Wallace as the headliner. Wallace, a local of Niagara, Ontario, and also a fellow Brock student, will be joined by fellow Ontario musicians Oh Geronimo, Greg Mashinter, and Mason Vail as his supporting performances. The latter of which, Mason Vail, is also a local to St. Catharines. The show will be starting at eight and will be an all ages event as well. This time the cost of admission is $10.

Taylor Wallace is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter from Niagara, Ontario. He plays his own unique blend of acoustic alternative rock mixed with the soft and savoury sounds of folk music. His folk influences are evident in both his singing and playing style, however, they don’t cause you to overlook the alternative elements of his music. This also lends itself to the fact that he is a single performer but is not reduced when joined by Ben Peters on bass and Brian Cunningham on drums, as he often is. Both alone and as part of group, Taylor Wallace is able to easily demonstrate his aptitude in both playing styles. To check out Taylor Wallace online before the show, just go to his website at

For those who have never heard of Indoor Shoes before, they are a local music production company and record label in St. Catharines. They are devoted to keeping music alive in the Niagara region and they have certainly been successful in that. They put on shows regularly and are always releasing something new. They also don’t lend themselves to only one style or genre. This allows them to cover a diverse range of musical preference while they do their part in keeping the St. Catharines music scene alive.

Check out Heart Attack Kids on Thursday, August 20 and Taylor Wallace on Friday, August 21 at Detour Music Hall, located at 88 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, Ontario. Tickets are available online now and are $8 to see Heart Attack Kids on Thursday night, and are $10 to see Taylor Wallace on Friday night. Both shows are all age’s events and both are set to begin at 8:00 p.m. For more information about the shows or to buy tickets online you can visit the Indoor Shoes website at


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