Review: Only Lovers Left Alive

Many people know who Tom Hiddleston is from his role as Loki in the Thor movies, the first of which came out in 2011. What many people still may be unaware of is that he starred in another film that was released in 2013 alongside Thor: Dark World.

The independent film, Only Lovers Left Alive, is a great piece to show Hiddleston’s range and skill of performance. It was released with an all-star cast of Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton, Anton Yelchin, and John Hurt, to name a few.only_lovers

The film begins its tale with Adam, an underground musician hiding out amongst a house of instruments and recording equipment in Detroit, and his wife, Eve, who is living amongst a hoard of books in Tangier. The couple is still very much in love although they live apart. However, there is an oddity in their lives that adds to their loneliness. They are both vampires. They have been alive for many lifetimes as husband and wife and have managed to live subtly without needing to kill the humans which they affectionately call zombies. This gets tuned upside down though when Eve’s little sister Ava shows up at Adam’s Detroit recluse and wreaks havoc on their previously inconspicuous lives.

The film itself is a work of art. The film utilizes psychedelic styles of music to add to the abnormal feel of the film. It entrances you with its strange yet pleasing music, its smooth and flowing camera work, and its plot which draws you into the ancient lives of its characters and leaves you wishing it were longer. The film is also one of the few with little to no climactic episodes like most movies have. There is no epic fight scene, there is no explosion and blaze of glory, no climactic ending to a romantic plot. Instead, the film follows the love life of two ancient vampires and the inherent tragedy of being a vampire in today’s day in age to the most honest extent.

I would highly recommend this film, especially for those who love a good independent film or those who just want something different, but if you are looking for the next Underworld-like vampire movie you should keep looking. This film is something much, much more.

-Matthew Von Lukawiecki

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