Nike deal & turf field refresh Brock’s school spirit

It has been a busy summer for the Brock University Campus Store and the Athletics and Recreation department. On April 21, the Campus Store announced a new four year deal with Nike, the largest sports apparel company in the world. Previously, Brock had a similar arrangement with their rival company, Adidas.

Brock’s Campus Store and Nike, through T. Litzen Sports, will provide Nike uniforms for all men and women varsity teams at the university. This deal will also make Nike apparel available on campus to purchase for fans and faithfuls.

“It’s an exciting time for school spirit on campus. The partnership strengthens Brock’s brand identity both within the Brock Community and throughout the region” said Kate Dudley, the Coordinator, Marketing and Communications for the Brock Campus Store.

With this deal, Brock University joins a very short list of Canadian universities to have a full partnership deal with the big time brand famously recognized for their swoosh logo. McMaster University was the first school to reach a deal with Nike back in 2012, with the University of Calgary and University of Regina having since followed suit.

Through this Nike deal, students will have a wide variety of apparel to choose from that include “workout gear, casual wear, shoes and accessories (water bottles, headbands, compression socks, etc.)” said Dudley.

“This does not impact prices of other clothing in the store,” stated Dudley. “Nike will be a premium brand in the store, however, customers will find that prices of Nike at the Campus Store and the Active Badger, in most cases, are less than you would find at other athletic clothing stores.”

To make the clothing and accessories more available to students, the Campus Store also opened the new “Active Badger store” in Walker Complex on August 4. The Active Badger store is an added location, right in the heart of The Badger Den, in which Brock gear can be purchased.

“Our goal is to have every student and staff wearing Brock or Badger gear, supporting the campus pride and spirit,” said Dudley.

Of course, if you’re looking to show off your Brock-tartan coloured everything, or just show your support to Brock athletes by attending games, there’s no better opportunity than the opening of the artificial turf field that is currently near completion. The $1.5 million artificial turf field, after being delayed and brought to a second referendum for funding, recently confirmed that a donor has been found and that it would be completed in the Fall. The construction for the new 66 metres by 126 metres turf field has been ongoing and Brock believes it will be ready by September 19, in time for Brock’s annual Homecoming.












Well the field will be the new home for the lacrosse, rugby and soccer teams at Brock, it’ll also be accessible to students for intramurals; and for the times the field is not in use by the school, it’ll be available to the community for rental.

The $1.5 million budget for the field was funded by BUSU (Brock University Students’ Union) and a donation by an undisclosed donor. The name for the donation was kept anonymous by the school, but the university did mention that it was made by a Brock alumnus.

For a team like the Brock men’s lacrosse team, this field will be a great addition. The new turf field will allow the team to practice on campus. Previously, the team’s practices and games were played off campus which, in turn, limited their ability to build a home crowd. The turf field will make it easier for students, staff and community to support the Badgers.

“Both the turf field and the Nike deal are great moves looking forward to the future of our athletic department and I know our players are excited for the opportunities that the turf field can offer,” said men’s rugby Head Coach Phillip Sullivan.

It’s clear that Interim Director of Athletics for Brock, Rob Cargneill and his staff are looking towards a brighter future for Badger sports. Brock’s Campus Store is also playing a vital role in rising the athletics, along with pride and spirit at the school. The Nike deal and turf field only make the university a more appealing choice for future Canadian Interuniversity Sport athletes.

Being able to attract future athletes will only strengthen Brock athletics. As Brock is known to have one of the best baseball, rowing and wrestling programs in Canada. Basketball, lacrosse, curling and rugby, to name a few, have had some success over the last couple years to show some significant growth. As a whole, athletics are growing quickly at Brock.

For Brock students, both present and future, both of these summer developments present students with new opportunities to become involved in the Brock community.

If any indication of the strength of Badger pride is needed, earlier in July, BrockTV and Isaac’s Army teamed up to create a video called ‘Isaac’s Army One Take’. This video showed the tremendous amount of pride that Brock students have for their school. To view the video and pump yourself up for both O-Week and Homecoming, visit

As Brock University continues to expand in every facet, the infamous school pride and spirit will surely grow with it. The Nike gear is available at The Brock Campus Store now, so show your support for our athletic’s department and sport the beloved Badger colours.



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