Brock O-Week 2015: events for every type of Badger

The 2015-2016 school year is almost ready to kick off, and what better way to start it off than a week filled with games, events and concerts? This year, Brock’s O-Week has taken on the theme of the oh-so popular music festival Coachella which BUSU is calling Brockchella. The theme has been taken to another level, by adapting certain O-Week features to its current subject, such as changing the original VIB (Very Important Badger) cards into wristbands similar to those provided at Coachella, and also providing Brockchella merchandise to show pride throughout the week and prolong the theme’s atmosphere. The BUSU O-Week website provides a sneak-peek and a layout of events that will take place during the first week of school, accompanied with their respectable times and locations. Every event is designed for all different kinds of Badgers: party-loving Badgers, studious Badgers, athletic Badgers, and the list goes on. Here’s a preview of what might interest each type of Badger according to the category (or categories) they fall in:

Photo courtesy of BUSU

Photo courtesy of BUSU


Sporty Badger:

For those of you who like to stay active, O-week provides several events that involve physical activities for every style and preference. On Monday September 7, the annual Residence Sports Games will be held behind the zone two parking lot where there will be residence and off campus students competing for the Marriot Cup. On Thursday September 10, all the Badger yogis can come together for an outdoor yoga session organized by BUSU to welcome the year with a Zen attitude. Of course, this active lifestyle should be maintained throughout the year, which is why on Friday September 11, a tour of all of the amenities offered by Recreation Services will be provided at Walker Complex for those newcomers at Brock.

Well-prepared Badger:

There are many factors to consider when arriving at a new place (especially if you are going to live there), and learning where everything is situated is a vital one. O-Week is the appropriate week to become familiar with your surroundings and Brock makes it easier for first year students to get to know the locations on their schedule and other important areas. On Sunday September 6, Residence Move In and Residence First Night Dinner will take place, which is a great way to get to know where everything important (aka food and shelter) is. Additionally, on Monday September 7 and Tuesday September 8, Campus tours and Faculty orientations will be held for those Badgers who crave to be more knowledgeable on their corresponding program and curriculum. Also, the always-helpful Vendors Fair will take place on Tuesday September 8 and Wednesday September 9 loaded with information regarding groups and activities on campus, and above all: free swag. On another note, for a safe and fun school year, the Live Burn will be a demonstration held on Sunday September 6, in order to showcase how residence fires happen and what precautionary measures need to be taken in order to prevent them.

Game-loving Badger:

If you are secretly competitive and always seek to socialize and befriend people that way, then O-Week has the adequate activities to do so. On Wednesday September 9, there will be a Games Night at Captain John’s lounge where there will be copious video games to choose from, ping pong, and prizes for those who win. On Thursday September 10, there will be a Farmers Market and Courtyard Games event where you can make new acquaintances while playing games outdoors and competing against strangers who will most likely end up being your friends throughout the rest of your university career. For those who prefer activities that don’t require physical movement, there will be Condom Poker and Dirty Bingo later that day at Ian Beddis Gymnasium.

Go-with-the-flow Badgers:

This category is dedicated to those students who are the type to participate in activities that don’t require much structure, rather ones that involve a more relaxed type of environment. O-Week offers a trip to the Outlet Shopping Mall on Tuesday September 8 to walk around and window shop (or actually shop if you get your OSAP money early enough). On Wednesday September 9, Brocks Annual Picnic in Burgoyne Woods takes place for students to sit and relax while they get to socialize and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. The Whirlpool Jet Tour will take place Thursday the 10 and Friday the 11, which consists of an excursion through the Niagara River, and later on Thursday afternoon, the Tea Social event allows badgers to eat snacks, drink tea and meet all kinds of Badgers including International students. On Friday September 11, BTV Bash throws a gathering with food, music and lots of updates and information at Isaac’s Bar & Grill, and later on that day, there’s an Open Mic event at the Walker Complex Courtyard where Badgers can show off their talent. On Saturday September 12, things get a little more adventurous as the Department of Residences organizes a trip to Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls. Also, Saturday offers Brock Cares for those who want to get involved in the Niagara community. To end the week off right, a Residence Campfire is held on Sunday September 13, where there are s’mores, live music and your fellow Badgers.

Party-loving Badgers:

Of course, O-week’s most highly anticipated events are those that occur at nighttime, where there are live DJs and lots of dancing takes place. On the first night of the week (Sunday September 6), there will be not one but TWO parties: the Badger Kickoff Party where you can win prizes and show Badger pride and the ever-famous Tower Party where there is a live DJ along with all of the new Badgers dancing the night away. Isaac Thursdays officially starts on September 10, available for those students who are of legal age (sorry baby Badgers), and with your VIB pass, you will get to go in for free (yes, three dollars less goes a long way). Luckily for those who are not 19 yet, an All Ages VIB party is scheduled to happen on Friday September 11, where VIB wristband owners will have the opportunity to get early entrance.

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