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As students, we all know the intimidating cost of earning a post‐secondary education. To make matters worse, you’ll likely accumulate at least some student debt. Unfortunately, in some cases it is a cumbersome student debt that would be more than enough to flatten old Atlas himself under its weight. However, there is another option to help you deal with the financial burden of education. Get a job! In fact, get a job right here on campus!

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On-campus jobs are definitely the way to go for the busy life of a university student. Unlike your typical part‐time job, on-campus jobs have a tendency to better understand the pressures of student life. They understand you have classes and that those classes are the real reason you are here. They understand you have a social life outside of school that is important for you to maintain. They understand you have plenty of deadlines to meet so that you can work your way to the sweet victory that is graduation and the rewarding career you hope will follow.

How do you find these amazingly student‐friendly jobs you might ask? Simple. has a very helpful section called Career Services, devoted to finding on‐campus jobs for students. The website provides links to online resources that may lead you to your perfect on‐campus job. One such link is the Career Zone where you can use the search engine to find jobs however you like and in any field. Results may vary based on search criteria, but amongst the many options in your search for your next job is to search for those on campus, which I highly suggest. Fair warning though, the jobs may go quickly and may not always be available in your chosen field.

Another option for finding an on‐campus job is the Human Resources department of Brock University. The website for job postings can be linked to from the Career Services website. There are lots of positions available, but you have to act fast. Some of the positions may have deadlines for applications that are fast approaching as September grows near. If any of these are of interest, apply sooner rather than later.

Recreation Services is another popular option for on‐campus jobs amongst students. Working for Recreation Services, you would be able to have a position such as a lifeguard at the Brock pool, being a referee at an intramural game, a member of the Child Movement staff, or a personal trainer at the zone and so on and so on. The list of possible positions with Recreation Services is long and would give you a good chance at finding one that you find interesting and rewarding.

An area of campus life you may not have considered when thinking about potential jobs are those in Brock Dining Services. This is likely one of the most expansive field of jobs on campus and is not without its rewards. Dining Services boasts cross-training, wage premiums and free meals, to name a few of the benefits of working in the food industry on‐campus.

If none of these suit your fancy and you want to try your hand at writing, The Brock Press is hiring as well. For more information, check out the hiring ad on page two.

Although this is in no way all the information you need to find a job on campus, hopefully it is enough to get the wheels turning in that university level brain of yours. So go out there and find the perfect job to fund your studies (and social life) here at Brock.

The Career Services webpage can be found at‐services/

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