Student Car Share lets you go wherever you please

Brittany Brooks/ The Brock Press

Brittany Brooks/ The Brock Press

With exam season around the corner, putting the books down and taking a break from studying is all too crucial for your mental health, and when that desire to find adventure strikes, being at the mercy of a limited transit system can be frustrating. It is for this reason along with many others that Brock University decided to implement the Student Car Share program at the beginning of the 2014/2015 school year as a way to give students more freedom to explore St. Catharines and the Niagara region.
The Student Car Share service is an innovative way for students to use a vehicle for whatever purpose they choose, whenever the need may arise. Whether it be job interviews, study sessions or a late night McDonald’s run, Student Car Share provides the freedom to travel with ease, without bleeding students’ pockets dry.
The typical per kilometer method of payment is forgone for an hourly fee starting at $6.00, giving drivers the freedom to roam however far that they would like while only paying for how long they have the vehicle. The cost to sign up for a one year membership is $75.00 and after verifying that the drivers possess at least a G2 license, they can begin driving the cars with 24/7 availability. Plus, drivers get to use brand new 2014 and 2015 Kia’s with this program.
Outside of the hourly fee and membership cost, both the gas and the insurance are covered by the service. Drivers are provided with a certificate of insurance, and every car is equipped with a gas card usable at most stations; the driver is asked only to refill the car once the gas tank gets to one quarter full.
“Unlike a lot of other car rental companies which require you to be a minimum of 21-years-old, the Student Car Share program is able to insure people as young as 18-years-old, as well as international students,” said Chris Green, Manager of Marketing and Communications at BUSU. “This is a convenient and affordable way for all students to access a car without the hassle of having their own vehicle.”
Vehicle sharing is a trend on the rise in Canada. It promotes a much more eco-friendly way of transporting oneself around. Without a constant vehicle parked in the driveway, people are conditioned to contain all of their shopping and driving needs into one, efficient trip whereas an individual with a vehicle tends to make superfluous trips simply because they can.
For individuals living in the city, and students who are able to walk to the majority of their amenities, the necessity and practicality of having a car decreases drastically, which is why a program such as Student Car Share is so vital. So forget the annual and extortive insurance payments and the skyrocketing gas prices, when the need to use a car does arise, there will be one available to use.

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