Who will be the next President of Brock?


The Brock Presidential search has begun with the launch of a new website, providing staff, students and the community with important information about how they can become involved in the hiring process.

The website will deliver regular updates, contact information, mandate and procedures, the position profile, as well as confidentiality notices. In preparation, a 12-member Advisory Committee has been created, who will be overseeing the hiring process alongside search consultant firm, Caldwell Partners, in contracting the new President and Vice-Chancellor.

Current Brock President, Dr. Jack Lightstone, will be completing his second five-year term in June 2016, after having come to Brock University in July 2006 to serve his first term.

“The opportunity to serve Brock for what will have been a decade when my successor takes office in a little more than a year from now has been one of the great privileges of my life. I have always believed that a change in leadership at a university on a period in basis is a good thing for the institution, because it brings fresh perspectives,” said Lightstone.

His leadership on campus has contributed to the collective success of the University, and with this in mind, the website hopes to garner feedback and other qualities that the community would like to see in the
new President.

As per the Presidential search home page, community members and Niagara region stakeholders are invited to contribute in the following ways:

  • Attend a Town Hall, where you can offer your perspectives in public (dates, times and locations will be published shortly)
  • Attend a confidential Listening Session, where an individual can speak directly and privately with two or three members of the Advisory Committee, and submit it in confidence through the search consultant
  • Respond to some or all of the Advisory Committee’s questions by emailing your response in confidence to the search consultant

Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) President, Roland Erman, sits on the Advisory Committee as one of two student representatives, alongside Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) President, Lee Belding. Erman believes that having this website as a key location for all to access up-to-date information is the best practice to keep the
community informed.

“It’s no secret that we are facing some tough financial times and everyone has an opinion on where they think Brock should be and what we should be doing. We, as the committee, want to hear everyone’s opinions. It’s important that we get this process right, and ensuring that everyone knows that their voice is vital is a great first step,” Erman said.

“We will be running two Town Halls or Community Consultations. During these consultations, we will have specific questions asked to the greater community and we are asking anyone who can attend to come down and answer them in order to share their insight in terms of what they’d like to see in the next President or the issues that individual will need to address. We will also be having smaller Consultation Drop-Ins, where members from the Brock community can come and talk to a very small group of committee members or even one-on-one and share
their insights.”

Dates for the Town Hall meetings and consultation drop-ins are still being determined and will be published on the website when finalized. To learn more, visit the new website at brocku.ca/presidential-search.

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