The Brocktopus: 8 #BrockU Twitter accounts you should be following


The Brock University community has such a strong social media presence, especially for the Twitterific Badgers out there. Whether you need to know when the deadline is to drop a course without academic/financial penalty (follow @BrockSAFA) or what happened at last night’s game (follow @BrockBadgers), there’s an account for that.

So if you’re sick and tired of seeing tweets about runaway llamas and #TheDress, consider following some accounts that will actually add quality to your life. Just be sure to retweet, favourite and mention!

1. @YourBrock
Also known as OPIRG-Brock under the previously used @OPIRGBROCK, this is the umbrella account for groups that work to improve student life at Brock: @BrockFairTrade, @BrockEco, @FeedBrock, @BrockDig and @ASaferBrock. Their goals are to “lower food costs, text book expenses, improve student health and safety, reduce tuition fees and more”.

2. @BrockRecService
For days when you have a three-hour break in between classes and want to fit in a workout, the staff at Recreation Services are very efficient in updating the #zonestatus. They’ll let you know when it’s fairly quiet (mornings and evenings), when to stay away (afternoons) and what fitness classes (Spin, Tabata, AquaFit) they’re offering that day.

3. @BrockDining
There’s no need to trek across campus to see what’s available for lunch. In an earlier Brocktopus titled “8 things on campus that sorely needs social media accounts”, our #1 wish was for a daily update on which soups Guernsey Market is serving… our wish was granted — and they’ve even gone as far as to listing soup options for DeCew and Lowenberger residence, along with special features, and bottom-of-receipt deals.

4. @BrockBUSU
As the second-most popular, Brock-related account with over 6,000 followers, (naturally after @BrockUniversity’s whopping 27,000+) our beloved students’ union is exceptional at keeping students engaged – through events, campaigns, employment, services, contests, giveaways, and which fabulously-themed party @IsaacsBG is hosting that week.

5. @JackMcIsaac
Have you met Jack yet? He’s the awesome, blonde, spiky-haired avatar of Career Services. He can help you find a job, whether it’s on-campus, off-campus, or volunteer work. He’ll even help you spruce up your resume! Follow him for current job opportunities, networking events, and career-related workshops.

6. @Learning_Skills
Didn’t do so well on that paper? Academic-Zone Learning Services hosts a bunch of helpful workshops you can register for, such as Time Management, Seminar Strategies, Procrastination Busting and Quoting & Paraphrasing. They also do a ton of cool contests and giveaways.

7. @BrockSHS
On top of health-related tips regarding sleep, diet, exercise, stress, mental health and more, Student Health Services has a wonderful campus presence, always lingering in the Student Health and Wellness Hub or Mackenzie Chown. Note their drop-in hours so their on-campus doctors, nurses and therapists can attend to your personal health needs.

8. @TheBrockPress
To save the best for last, (kindly) give us a follow, not just out of our own self-interest, but so you can become a well-informed Badger. We’re always tweeting up-to-date news, from the latest #BUSUElections to #StCath happenings. We also run fantastic contests! We love making new Twitter friends, and our hearts skip a beat when we hear the chirp sounds on our phones.

Note: In addition, be sure to follow accounts pertaining to your faculty or department, such as @BrockEducation or @BrockCPCF for program-specific news and events. Happy tweeting!

*** Sozanny Chea is the Social Media Editor of The Brock Press and Web and Social Media Assistant for Brock University. This listicle reflects her opinions and experience as a student and not that of her employers.

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  1. The Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts hosts 54 student and faculty events each year from the Departments of Dramatic Arts, Music, Visual Arts and the Centre for Studies in Art & Culture. We would love to have you follow us as well!

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