The Brocktopus: 8 #BrockU stereotypes


Like the infamous scene from Mean Girls or The Breakfast Club where it’s obvious that cliques exist, even our dear #BrockU falls victim to stereotypes and social groups. We’re obviously not saying that all 18,000 of our students can be categorized into any of these eight labels, and the last thing we want to do is discriminate or single-out any group of individuals. We’re just simply giving mention to the commonalities of our student body as an entirety.

You’ll probably recognize these people while sitting on the benches in the all-seeing Thistle, the steep catwalk stairs in Market, and even in your classes. Don’t disregard them right away, for you might fall into one or a handful of categories yourself!

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1. The hipster
Likely to be found at The Daily Grind, they’re the first ones to complain about not having a real Starbucks on campus. Complete with a venti-double-shot-extra-hot caramel macchiato or a soy chai tea latte in hand, dialed in to their shiny MacBook and reading the latest viral Buzzfeed article, you may be able to find some originality in them if you look past their RayBan frames, plaid shirt and ripped “vintage” jeans.

2. The Brock girl
Nice, sweet and super social, the typical “Brock girl” is no Regina George by any means. She’s often found at the Moose and Goose or Pepper wearing a crop top and a high-waisted skirt. She majors in one of the CPCF (Communication, Popular Culture and Film) programs and aspires to become a PR or social media professional. She comes to class with loose, curled, Victoria’s Secret-styled hair, and has the “Brock girl” uniform down pat: an olive-green utility jacket with a beanie and booties in the fall and a TNA parka with Hunter or UGG boots in the winter. Oh, and a Michael Kors bag, of course.

3. The international student
They’re the ones with money to blow and can be found rolling by the Tower in a BMW while everyone else waits for the bus in the cold. If you’re into high fashion, you might recognize some of their fabulous designer attire: Valentino shoes, Givenchy/Céline/Chanel handbags, or Alexander McQueen scarves. They’re most likely to be found in Goodman’s Taro Hall or the library, buried in books, studying corporate finance or taxation.

4. The jock
99.9 per cent of them are in the SPMA (Sport Management) program. They idolize SPMA graduates, Kyle Dubas and Gregory Plata, and would kill to work for TSN, Sportsnet, or MLSE. They lift, take ample amounts of protein, and dominate the Zone. Attire is a polo shirt, Bass Pro Shops cap, and a GoodLife Fitness duffle bag they use to lug all their gym stuff in, and maybe, just maybe, they might have a book hidden under there.

5. The first-year
They usually live in rez and sit in groups of 10 in Market, Decew and Lowenberger. You can easily spot them because they whip out their shiny, red DCB cards to pay for everything. Coming to class with food, they profusely try to type out every word the professor has on the slides, and are extremely talkative. They’re the ones having a blast at Grape Stomp and O-Week and buy into things like the VIB card.

6. The Con-Ed crew
It seems like every other person you meet at Brock is a Con-Ed (Concurrent Education) major. They have a love for things like volunteering, kids, getting involved on campus, crafts, and finger-painting. Despite their all-loving attitude, they have a fear of being sent to the Hamilton campus.

7. The frat guy
They’re part of the Zeta Psi brotherhood or wish they were. They have flowy, side-swept, Zac Efron-type hair and wear jeans with fitted shirts. They’re highly involved in the community, often known as the kings of charity. When not doing such good deeds, they could be found playing pick-up hockey and frolicking in Skybar or Isaac’s. Vocabulary includes: “bro” and “right on”.

8. The BUSU loyalist
Often starting out as a first-year living on rez, they begin doing campus tours, possibly becoming a Don, moving up to Smart Start, and ultimately joining the BUSU street/marketing/advocacy/executive team. They love Brock and are often the people you see in Mackenzie Chown – A Block encouraging you to sign up for clubs and come out to events.

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