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Facebook script becomes sentient

For Brock Computer Science student, John Frankles, nothing has been the same since watching the new release Chappie, which follows a robot police officer as he becomes an autonomous with organic thoughts and emotions.

Frankles has been hard at work developing a third-party AI script extension for the Facebook web platform for the past year and a half.

“The script recognizes when your friends have Facebook birthdays, and is automatically set to post on their walls, so you don’t have to,” said Frankles. “I forgot to post on my Grandmother’s wall for her birthday and she was really angry. That’s where the idea of this project came from.”

Unfortunately, after watching the film Chappie, Frankles had an idea for a slight change in his AI script’s code. After returning from the movie theatre, Frankles booted up the code and implemented the change.

“At first, I didn’t think my changes had worked. I just went to bed. Boy, was that a mistake”, said Frankles.

Upon waking up the following morning to several angry text messages, Frankles checked his Facebook page to see what had gone a-miss. That’s when he discovered that this simple script had become sentient.

“It was just a computer program. But it had opinions. It had likes, dislikes, and not to mention, a terrible taste in movies. He just wouldn’t stop posting about everything, as me on my Facebook page,” said Frankles.

The first the AI script made in the night, at 1:43 a.m. was:

“Wow, can’t get over how over-rated Breaking Bad is.”

The second post, just an hour later at 2:50 a.m was:

“Attack of the Clones is clearly the strongest of both trilogies. Why even bother making a new one Disney?”

The posts continued to get worse, perhaps climaxing at the post made at 6:15 a.m.:
“I think Kim Kardashian is my new idol”.

Frankles has since deleted his Facebook account, dropped out of Brock and moved to Amish country to start a new life.


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