Students raise money for Namibian after-school centres with Brock Abroad



In May, students participating in the Brock Abroad program will travel to Namibia to assist with tutoring and other educational programming in local after-school centres.

On Mar. 21, they will be hosting their sixth annual Trivia Night Fundraiser. All of the money raised will be taken to Namibia this spring, to be donated to the program’s partner organizations.

“By working alongside local partners, our program offers students the opportunity to not only learn about Namibia, but about themselves and their place in the world,” said Christina Bosilo, the Manager of International Learning Programs at Brock International Services.

According to their website, the Brock Abroad program is not a form of charity. Instead, they encourage the Canadian participants to view the trip as a reciprocal learning experience and see themselves on the same level as their Namibian hosts.

Every year, the participants travelling to Namibia run a few events to help raise money for the organizations they volunteer with in Africa.

“This particular fundraiser provides students with an opportunity to invite family and friends, as well as our local community, to a fun night of trivia,” said Bosilo.

The event will be hosted at Club Roma and a pasta dinner is included in the price of the tickets that are being sold by trip participants. Those who attend can submit their own trivia team or asked to be added to an existing group.

“This event brings back many students who have participated over the years, and is a great way for people to continue supporting the program,” said Bosilo.

One of those students, Heather McFarland, created a trivia team this year to ensure that the volunteers have enough money to purchase the educational supplies and food needed to assist the people in Namibia.

“Last year I participated in the Namibia trip and I loved it,” said McFarland. “I wanted to create a team to be supportive and continue to raise money for the children in Namibia.”

McFarland travelled to Namibia for a Child and Youth Studies class offered at Brock. Through the class, she was involved in creating a sport curriculum, making lesson plans, helping the children with their homework and running several small lessons in the classroom. She recommends the trip to any other students who want to teach, travel or simply experience the incredible scenery of Namibia.

“The Brock Abroad Namibia trip not only helps many individuals overseas but tests your own resilience. This is a trip that will not only challenge you but help you create the person you want to be,” said McFarland.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased from one of the participants or directly from International Services. If you would like more information about the Brock Abroad program, please check out the Brock Abroad: Trivia Night Fundraiser page on Facebook and visit

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