Seeing into your future with Café Connect

THE BROCK PRESS/Christy Mitchell

THE BROCK PRESS/Christy Mitchell

Career Services has provided another beneficial resource for students through Café Connect. It is an opportunity for Brock students to meet up with and pick the brains of industry professionals in their fields of study.

Café Connect is very similar in philosophy to Mentorship Plus, another resource offered through Career Services. Mentorship Plus connects first-years with upper-year students at the University as a way to show them the ropes and alleviate some of the pressures of transitioning to the post-secondary lifestyle.

Café Connect instead focuses on upper-year students preparing for the job market after graduation, granting them the chance to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day operations of certain jobs and to hear tips and tricks for future success.

“Sometimes near the end of the year, students tend to have a lot on their plate and aren’t really thinking about post-graduation,” said Scarlett Stark, a third-year Psychology student and Assistant at Career Services. “This is a nice way to alleviate some of the pressure of searching for that next step, and to really get an inside look at a job you are interested in.”

To start the process of being matched, students must use their Brock login and sign into the MentorMatch website. Once there, students are asked a series of questions pertaining to their personal and professional interests to more accurately match them with a mentor who possesses the knowledge and information that would directly benefit them.

Students can choose from a variety of fields of study and professions and are given the option to through phone calls, Skype or an in-person meeting at a local coffee shop.

The website also contains a section called “How to prepare for a café connection”, which offers tips for appropriate dress and thought provoking questions to ask.

“In today’s day and age, networking is very important when looking for jobs. People are more connected than ever before and it changes how people find work. It gives students the chance to meet with people that work in the jobs they want,” said Stark.

Career Services has previously offered the Career Mentoring Program, which matched one student with one mentor for approximately four months. However, Café Connect provides students with the freedom to connect with as many mentors as they choose, getting a feel for a variety of possible career options. With Café Connect, you can sit down on Monday and have coffee with a Chartered Accountant and on Friday sit down to chat with a Civil Engineer.

“Not every student knows what they want to do after graduation,” said Stark. “Here, you can see what you like and don’t like about a job and then go from there. You can choose what you want to do, catering our services to your future.”

Register on, follow the prompts to set up your profile and begin connecting with professional mentors today. Visit Career Services in the Learning Commons for more information.

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