Rogers to return funds to over-charged customers

Rogers-Communication backround picture

Rogers is issuing upwards of $5 million in credits or direct refunds to customers who were charged for its premium services for applications like horoscopes, jokes and custom ring tones by third party providers over its network. Instead of being charged by the service itself, many of these charges ended up on the actual cell phone bill thus being under the jurisdiction of Rogers.

Rogers came forward this week to say it would refund this money after working with the Competition Bureau, a Canadian consulting agency that has in the past fined Rogers $10 million for advertising.

“It’s the right thing to do,” said Rogers Vice-President Raj Doshi in a statement on Monday on the decision to rebate customers. “Last summer we stopped the program all together and today we’re going even further.

“Though we’ve issued many refunds already to our customers, now all affected customers will get their money back.”

According to Rogers, anyone who was affected and is still a Rogers customer will get an automatic bill credit in the immediate future. Former customers who were charged for these services will be contacted to complete the refund process.

“We are pleased that Rogers has chosen to work with the bureau to ensure that Rogers’ consumers receive money back for the inappropriate charges and obtain clear information when purchasing online,” said commissioner of the Competition Bureau, John Pecman.

“It is important that fees and subscriptions are not hidden in fine print or anywhere else, and that consumers’ right to truth in advertising is not compromised in the digital economy.”

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