More BUSAC updates with elections and referendum results

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On March 18, BUSAC wrapped up the 2014/2015 academic year with one of their shortest meetings.

In just 42 minutes, various bylaws went through a second reading, as well as a capital request, with all changes being passed at the meeting. These changes and additions include General Brock acquiring a new freezer and that the Internal Affairs Committee will be replacing the Finance Committee and Academic Affairs Committee next year. These committees will have strict rules to ensure that they work more effectively going forward.

“Next year, I hope to improve the efficiency of the committees. This year, they did not get as much done in comparison to last year,” said BUSAC councillor Calvin Eady.

“If elected to any committees for the 2015/2016 academic year, I plan to work hard and get the necessary results for students.”

The BUSU President, Vice-president of Student Services and Vice-president of Finance and Administration bylaws were also changed to reflect the job descriptions and to accurately describe the rules of each position. The out-going executives are currently in the process of transitioning the incoming executive team, who will officially begin their in-office term in May.

The food options in Union Station were also a topic of discussion, with BUSU’s General Manager Juliette Prouse, talking about the decline in popularity of Flavours. As food and service at Flavours has already ceased for the year, they are currently looking at other options next year regarding that space.

March BUSAC elections also took place last week, with voting taking place from March 24 to 26. Three faculties went to election, as well as one referendum question regarding the turf field. Results were announced on Thursday evening in Isaac’s Bar & Grill, with 2,700 votes being cast (14.86 per cent of legible votes).

The following are the winners, percentage of votes and abstentions in the election, as well as the turf field referendum results:

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
Jake Coetzee – 175 (29.61 per cent)
Shanza Hashmi – 165 (27.92 per cent)
Faisal Hejazi – 201 (34.01 per cent)
Mohammad Jaberi – 147 (24.87 per cent)
Shayne Lasher – 163 (27.58 per cent)
Navid Shahabadi – 135 (22.84 per cent)
Shanice Stewart – 213 (36.04 per cent)
Abstentions – 35

Faculty of Math and Science
Feryaal Ahmed – 147 (41.29 per cent)
David Nguyen – 159 (44.66 per cent)
Adam Zoccoli – 119 (34.43 per cent)
Abstentions: 9

Faculty of Social Sciences
Mazin Amin – 214 (32.8 per cent)
Sarah Bhardwaj – 208 (31.18 per cent)
David Berryman – 245 (36.73 per cent)
Matt Campbell – 185 (27.74 per cent)
Madi Fuller – 254 (38.08 per cent)
David Hannula – 165 (24.74 per cent)
Alexander Hobbs – 235 (35.23 per cent)
Stephanie Piovesan – 150 (22.49 per cent)
Sarah Irandost – 198 (29.69 per cent)
Ahmed Smaiya – 173 (25.94 per cent)
Abstentions – 26

2015 Turf Field Referendum
Yes – 2,286 (84.76 per cent)
No – 258 (9.57 per cent)
Abstentions – 153

Six students ran in the Faculty of Math and Science election for three empty seats. Zahra Hirji and Adam Zoccoli tied with 119 votes (34.43 per cent) for the third seat. A run-off election was scheduled for Apr. 1, however, Hirji withdrew her candidacy on Mar. 29. In any event, the next and final BUSAC meeting is postponed until Apr. 8, as election results still need to be ratified.

For a full list of the election results, visit

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