Many miles travelled: David Myles with special guest Luke McMaster


Soaring high after winning the CAPACOA (Canadian Arts Presenting Association) award for Touring Artist of the Year, Centre for the Arts’ regular David Myles is returning to the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre stage.

“Last year’s show was awesome. I think that venue was really neat — it has a Roman Gladiator vibe,” Myles said. “I love performing there, especially as the audience seems to grow more familiar with what I do.”

Myles’ signature sound is classified as “roots”, a style comprised of soft melodies and lyrical fortitude. In a live performance like this however, the act and presentation is almost as important as any specific genre or sound.

“While my approach to music is more roots, I feel that my sound is very accessible”, said Myles.
In late 2014, Myles released a holiday album, It’s Christmas. He considers the album to be one of his best, and it required all the effort of any standard album release.

Into the Sun (2011) reflected Brazilian and African sounds, because that’s what I was interested in at the time. With In the Nightime (2013), I included a lot of collaborations that were really different. For It’s Christmas, I tried to take a different approach… I learn something new every time and try to improve,” said Myles.

This year, the show will feature special guest Luke McMaster, an R&B and pop artist who has recently launched his solo career. It’s McMaster’s second time playing at the Centre for the Arts.

“When I’m playing a show, the most important thing is to have a good relationship with the audience. It’s the one thing I care about,” Myles said. “Luke definitely does that.”

Myles will be performing with a full band, and even McMaster will be evolving from last year’s solo venture on the Sean O’Sullivan stage.

“I may be the frontman, but I feel like I’m really just a part of the band,” said McMaster. “It’s so much more fun being with these talented musicians.”

While McMaster’s self-described “blue-eyed soul” sound may be incredibly distinct, he certainly feels that it will be a complementing act to Myles.

“I think the two acts will work together fantastically well,” said McMaster. “We both play acoustic… I think we both try very hard to focus on the dynamics of our performances.”

“I loved my show at Brock last year, it really is a unique venue,” said McMaster. “It seems that the audience trusts them, because of the way they pick the acts — it’s the way all venues should be.”

Myles and McMaster are two highly-acclaimed, rising Canadian artists. While they both take different strides within the Canadian music landscape, it’s sure that the two unique artists will become icons of our national music scene.

“I feel like it’s really diverse, and just getting more and more diverse. Some artists are really breaking the mould and this really credits the Canadian scene in general. Artists, promoters and our country itself fights very hard for recognition, and I think it’s proved how important Canadian music can be,” said McMaster.

David Myles with special guest, Luke McMaster will play at Brock University’s Centre for the Arts in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre on Saturday Mar. 7. Tickets are available online and can be purchased at the Centre for the Arts box office.

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