Humans of BrockU

In the vein of Humans of New York, an Instagram account entitled Humans of BrockU (@humansofbrocku) was created to highlight individual members of the Brock community. Unfortunately, that ignores a very large demographic of Brock, the non-humans. So turn your eyes to the landscape and enjoy the Non-Humans of BrockU.

Brittany-Non Human 02

“I don’t like being here. This guy beside me is way too preachy. Yeah, I get that every day is Earth Day, but that doesn’t pay my rent.”

Nadon-Non Human

“90 per cent of Sport Management majors don’t wash their hands.”

Brittany-Non Human

“I don’t mind being stepped on. After years of high-heels and Hunter boots, I think I’ve developed a minor foot fetish.”

Are there any Non-Humans of Brock University that you want to show the world? Tag us on your Instagram photos @TheBrockPress with #NonHumansBrockU

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