Graduating DART Devised Theatre Class to perform on campus


An Original performance by the fourth year devised theatre class (DART 4F56).

April 16th, 17th, and 18th at 7:30 pm

Location: Room ST107 (Studio Theater), Schmon Tower, Brock Campus

Admission: Donations accepted

“It is awkward and uncomfortable, but you’ll always have to deal with the 2% of negative extremists.  If you’re an artist or you buck the trend of mainstream culture you’ll always be shouting out from the margins!”

Tracy is a construction worker who’s just been accepted by the guys, but it all falls apart. Diane and her partner have struggled to be accepted as a lesbian couple, and won, but suddenly her relationship seems empty. Carl has successfully completed his gender transition but his past comes back to bite him in a lawsuit that has unexpected consequences. This original show by graduating students of DART’s devising class offers super-hero guidance for the survival of the quirkiest at the Droopy Vine bar where all are welcome.

How does one keep going when the struggle always comes looking for us?

Answers are explored through spoken word, choreography and scenes that explore trust, relationships, and self acceptance. A good theatre process takes awkward and uncomfortable to a whole new level!

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