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It’s never been easier to meet your perfect match (your musical match that is), and that is all thanks to a new web platform called

DownToJam is based out of Toronto with an office in Moncton, NB and was founded in early 2014 by Troy Fullerton, Neil McWilliam and Brock University graduate, Shaan Singha. The group was struggling to find the right people with a similar vision of alleviating the stress involved in finding musicians that work on and off stage for bands and artists.

Upon joining the website, users are able to create a profile about themselves, their musical interests and abilities so that when other people find them, they know whether or not they are best suited for what they’re looking for.

The website matches musicians based on their profiles, their musical compatibility, as well as through a series of randomly generated questions. Users can refine their search to people that are closest to them or they can find someone lower on the website if they really want to start fresh with a less experienced musician.

The inspiration behind DownToJam came from cofounder, McWilliam, who was experiencing a lot of difficulty in finding people to play with after moving to Ontario from New Brunswick.
“It honestly sounded like he was coming back from bad dates,” said Singha. “We figured there had to be an easier way, so we did our research and came up with this platform.”

Not long after, McWilliam’s bandmate Fullerton, joined the team and became the site’s developer.
“All of us know exactly how difficult it is to find musicians to play with because we’ve all had to put ourselves out there before,” said Singha. “We assumed there must be something online where we could find people and we were shocked that there wasn’t. That’s where the idea for DownToJam came from.”

The site has received worldwide recognition, having users from countries as far as South Africa, Tokyo, South Korea and Romania.

“The reception so far has been overwhelming. It’s growing much faster than we even anticipated. We have over 10,000 subscriptions right now,” said Singha. “We had one subscriber actually find one of his coworkers on the site who he didn’t even know played music, so that was really cool. That’s the whole point of the website, to open you up to more opportunities.”

DownToJam is a free website and the founders pride themselves on providing a user-friendly platform, keeping their members a main priority and continuously focusing on the user experience.

“We’re hoping to expand the scope of the site for our users,” said Singha. “We want to add detailed features to help musicians. We just added a classifieds section so if anyone needs to advertise a show or need someone to play a show they can put it in there. They can also use it to sell instruments if they’re getting rid of them and even if they just want to meet with people to jam, that’s great too.”

To learn more about DownToJam or to create your own profile, go to

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