E-Week: You are the CEO of your own life

From March 9 to 14, Brock University hosted the first ever Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative created by the BUSU team and dedicated to focusing on the business and professional development side of student life.

THE BROCK PRESS/Christy Mitchell

THE BROCK PRESS/Christy Mitchell

The motto of the week was “You are the CEO of your own life”, which according to the initiative’s website, “means taking responsibility for your actions and realizing that those actions direct your life”.

Students had the opportunity to expand their knowledge of professional discourse by communicating with industry professionals from the Niagara region in a series of week long events and activities.

E-Week kicked off in a big way with a keynote address from globally renowned ‘hip-hop preacher’, Eric Thomas. Thomas is an author, pastor and motivational speaker who uses his blend of high-energy passion and poignant speech to reach inside the audience and empower them through self-reflection and determination.

With the focus of the week centering around the idea of finding the power you have within you to succeed, Thomas was an important element to the successful overall atmosphere of the event series, providing students with an extra pinch of motivation.

BUSU Vice-president, Finance and Administration, Kyle Rose spearheaded the event all week, as it was part of the platform in which he was elected for in 2014.

“It is critical that undergraduate students are exposed to the benefits and opportunities that entrepreneurship can provide,” said Rose.

“Entrepreneurship is an empowering way to combat severely empowered stigma surrounding employment after graduation since every industry (and thus every career path) can be innovated. The theme of the week was that every person is the CEO of their own life and hence every decision they make has gravity and importance to it. It was my hope that such a metaphor would inspire students to become proactive, whether they want to lead an organization or join one.”

There were also events that served to benefit the well-being of students, such as the Direction Tradeshow and the Balance Tradeshow. Students were given the chance to speak with partners and professionals about the decisions they should be making in regards to volunteer work and employment, as well as how to maintain a healthy balance in life between work and play.

As a way to promote friendly rivalry amongst students, Entrepreneurship Week hosted the Blueprint Pitch Competition, where the five best entrepreneurs at Brock competed. The top three ideas were given funding and mentorship from business leaders in the Niagara region.

In keeping with the theme of self-awareness and engagement, Entrepreneurship Week held the Social Corporate Responsibility Fair that highlighted how local companies and organizations are maintaining social and environmental consciousness despite a business market with constant technological and material improvements.

This was an important event to discuss the sustainability of the future, and the many ways that various businesses and organizations can coordinate their efforts in keeping the planet healthy.

The Rock for Nicaragua concert, which featured local student bands, finished off a week filled with the motivated, entrepreneurial spirit of Brock students. The concert was hosted in Isaac’s Bar & Grill, raising awareness for the Connected Life Social Justice experience in Nicaragua.

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