Comic review: Green Arrow – Year One


Green Arrow: Year One was written by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Jock in 2008 to be an origin story for the millionaire playboy/ vigilante, Oliver Queen, as he becomes the Green Arrow.

This creative re-telling of the emerald archer’s beginnings starts with a young thrill-seeking Oliver Queen who has a knack for spending money by the thousands. After getting drunk and purchasing a bow that was famously used in a Robin Hood movie, Oliver decides that he must get away for a while to find himself, taking an unplanned trip on his yacht. Unfortunately for Queen, there are complications on the voyage, finding himself deserted on an island controlled by the heroine cartel led by China White. Oliver must learn to survive day by day. If he hopes to make it back home alive, he cannot be the person he once was, he must become someone else. Something else.

If you have been following the hit TV series Arrow by CW, this plot line may have sounded very familiar to you, and it’s no coincidence. The Arrow TV series is based off of the origin story outlined in Andy Diggle’s Year One comic. By way of recognition, the Arrow creators even added two characters to the shows plot, Andrew and John Diggle, in honour of the writer they used for inspiration. If you are a fan of the show or are just looking for an exciting and interesting comic to read, set your sights on Green Arrow: Year One. It is definitely something else.

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