BUSU and SLCE celebrate their volunteers with appreciation night


Volunteers play a very important part in the fabric of the Brock community. They give organizations strength through numbers and are always available to lend a helping hand at various events throughout the year.

The Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) and Student Life and Community Experience (SLCE) expressed their gratitude to their many volunteers by collaborating on the organization of an official volunteer appreciation night on March 16.

“It took place to honour our volunteers,” said Campus Partnerships and ExperienceBU Assistant for SLCE, Karam Tawfiq. “It was to thank them for being there and for being a part of a great year.”

BUSU and SLCE are two of the largest student-run organizations at the University, subsequently maintaining a large population of student volunteers. Oftentimes, these volunteers are tasked with helping out at various events both on and off-campus, doing much of the work behind the scenes, without recognition. Some of Brock’s most well-known and well-loved events, such as the Icebreakers Team, Shinerama and Alternative Reading Week opportunities local and abroad, wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of students offering their time to volunteer.

“While the staff of both departments facilitate the events, the volunteers are what make all of our times together throughout the year at Brock so amazing and filled with Brock spirit,” said SLCE Service-Learning Assistant, Angela Mott.

The event was a way to show these students that their efforts are greatly appreciated by the student body, as SLCE and BUSU recognized student volunteers with awards for the contributions they made to the University community as a whole.

Two individuals in particular, second-year Child and Youth Studies student Keely Grossman and third-year Popular Culture student Brianne McMillan were awarded for their outstanding contributions. Brock alumnus Ron Gourlay was also given an award that evening, celebrating his efforts and involvement during his time in Sumter, South Carolina with the February Alternative Reading Week program.

Event attendees had the opportunity to save the moment in time with a photo booth, courtesy of Alumni Relations. There was also a raffle with the grand prize being a BUSU snuggie.

“I think a volunteer deserves to be recognized for sharing in service alongside their peers and the community by engaging in and out of the classroom,” said Mott.

If you are interested in becoming a BUSU or SLCE volunteer, email community@busu.net or studentlife@brocku.ca.

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