Brock students to be showcased in number of events in Festival of the Arts


As warmer weather emerges with the spring months, so too will the talents of Brock University students as the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts presents its annual Festival of the Arts – Industrial Fabric 5. This is the fifth annual festival and will showcase student talent through a variety of artistic events over the course of March and April. The two-month festival aims to celebrate the work and achievements of Brock students enrolled in the various arts programs at the university.

Industrial Fabric 5 offers a wide variety of events, from thought-provoking theatre, musical performances to art exhibitions, showcasing what the students have accomplished and created over the course of the 2014/2015 academic year.

The Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts (MIWSFPA) is a part of the Faculty of Humanities and is comprised of the Departments of Dramatic Arts (DART), Music (MUSI), Visual Arts (VISA) and the Centre for Studies in Arts and Culture (STAC).

“This two month festival cultivates social engagement, cultural enrichment and artistic exploration as students bring their in-class, independent or studio projects to the public,” said Marie Balsom, Communications Coordinator at The MIWSFPA.

Industrial Fabric 5 comes at a pivotal moment for students enrolled in the Arts as the MIWSFPA will be transitioning to its new downtown location. The project to build the school was given funding by the provincial government in 2010 to assist with the new site and will be completed in May 2015 after much anticipation. Industrial Fabric 5 is the final festival that will take place out of the main campus.

“What I admire so much about our students is their drive and determination,” said Derek Knight, Director of the MIWSFPA. “Although their creativity is hard won and fostered over weeks or months, the moments when it comes to fruition or life, at least for the audience, is also a moment of profound recognition. For some this signifies the separation between art and life, while for others it reaffirms the ephemeral or poetic nature of existence. This is our last year on the main campus before departing to our new home in the heart of the city. It is my profound hope that our many Brock friends and the community at large will help celebrate this rite of passage over the next two months.”

The Music department will be hosting piano recitals on Mar. 14, 20, 21 and 22, all of which will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Concordia Seminary Chapel at Brock.

On Mar. 27, the ENCORE! Professional Concert Series presents Trio Surgite, Voices of Eastern Europe – Transcendent Music from Troubled Times. Audience members will be treated to an evening of repertoire from composers such as Dvorák, Kodály and Enescu played by local musicians Gordon Cleland (cello), Vera Alekseeva (violin) and Erika Reiman (piano). The performance will begin at 7:30 p.m in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre.

On Mar. 28, the Brock University Choirs, with guest conductor Glenda Crawford, will perform their Spring Choral Concert at the Knox Presbyterian Church, as a part of the VIVA VOCE! Choral Series. Additionally, the University Wind Ensemble will be performing in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre on Mar. 31 at 7:30 p.m.
On Mar. 20 and 21, students enrolled in DART 3P54 will be holding the One Acts Festival in which upper-year directing students will present short plays, featuring student actors. The festival will take place in Studio Theatre rooms ST107 and ST03. Donations will be accepted for the event.

The Visual Arts Department is hosting a number of events and exhibitions throughout March, including an exhibition at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, featuring the work of Brock professors, Duncan MacDonald and Arnold McBay, called Parallax. The exhibition is a collaborative event in which both professors have carefully chosen pieces that will go together to compliment the other’s work, while still remaining as individual works in a unified manner. The exhibition began in February and will be featured until Mar. 22. Also on display on the digital media wall in the Matheson Learning Commons is McBay’s piece, Presencia. This is McBay’s first video work and will be on display until Mar. 27.

On Mar. 23, students enrolled in VISA 2P98 and 3F96 will be presenting an exhibition titled Time and Space in the Market Square on King St. Additionally, the Visual Arts Department will be holding an exhibition called, Honours, which will display work from students enrolled in VISA 4F06, the Honours Studio course.

The course was overseen by professors Duncan MacDonald and Shawn Serfas. Displayed in two chapters, the first beginning on Mar. 28 and running until Apr. 12, Honours will exhibit the work of students who are graduating from the Visual Arts program. This is a very special event for these students as they are the final graduating class before the MIWSFPA will migrate to its new location. The second part of the exhibition will open Apr. 18. The exhibition will be featured at the Rodman Hall Art Centre, located at 109 St. Paul Cres., St. Catharines.

Industrial Fabric 5 proves that Brock is nothing short of bursting with creativity and talent. The cultural and artistic support that stems from both the university and the St. Catharines community is extremely nurturing for students enrolled in the Arts and allows for an abundance of quality talent from students working in every medium. The work that will be on display will scratch the surface of what has taken place in the Arts department over the course of the academic year but will also illustrate why there was a need for the arts to expand to a new campus. It’s a very exciting time for the university, its arts students, St. Catharines and the Niagara Region as a whole. Enjoy the events featured in Industrial Fabric 5 before MIWSFPA enters its new chapter.

Students and community members are welcome to all events, many of which are free. For more information about prices and times, check out the full calendar of events at

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