Brock photographers brought into focus

Focal Point

Brock students made use of their creativity in Focal Point, an exhibition that was featured in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre lobby from February 23 to March 2. The exhibition was put together by Professor Amy Friend, to demonstrate the skills of past and present Visual Arts majors from Brock in the art of photography.

The exhibition was made up of different photo series by Lauren Regier, Julia Chamberlain, Bruce Thompson, Lauren Mucciarone, Hailey Power, Carrie Perreault, Kristina Jovanic, Katie Zack and Samantha Goeree. Each photographer went about creating a series of photos to be put on display, with each of the artists using different styles and methods in order to build their series.

“The exhibition aims to highlight the ways that photographic practices continue to grow; digital and analog worlds meet to present compelling and new ways of seeing and creating,” said Friend.

A Brock alumnus herself, Regier’s Bio-Art series consisted of photographs that were soft and had a strangely chilling and ghastly quality to them, complemented by the look of antiquity held by the photos. She accomplished this by altering the photos through delicate, tense hands-on manipulations.
Thompson accompanied his photographs with hand-written poetry, packed full of imagery that is pieced together by intention and chance. Each white frame of his Right In Front Of You series had its own complimenting poetry written on it underneath the dual photographs which it emphasizes hauntingly.

Chamberlain’s series, unlike the others, avoids the use of a title in order to link the photographs together, instead letting the artwork speak for itself. Each picture featured a dark black and white scene such as a yard or a lake. The twist is that each picture is haunted by the phantom images of people and objects which gives each photo an eerily enticing nature.

All of the series in this exhibition were equally unique to one another but worked to create a unified exhibition.

Perreault’s series, Where We Live, is rooted inthe experience of trying to find people to consent to being part of a series of portraits but being met with refusal. Thus, she took portraits of their homes for the series showing resilience in the face of adversity. Power’s Vulnerability series reveals just that, human vulnerability both emotional and physical, in silver prints of the human body exposed. Zack’s Illumination series shines in negative brilliance while Lioness by Goeree uses velvet paper to add a ferocity to a human image.

Lauren Mucciarone’s Vestige series brought forth feelings of nostalgia and prestige and Kristina Jovanic used velvet paper in her fulfilling Convergence series which starkly contrasted her dark and transparent Absence series which was also featured in the exhibition.

The care and precision of the photographers demonstrated in the Focal Point exhibition highlights the success of the Brock Visual Arts program and the immense skill of each artist. Although they all have different styles and utilize different methods, the exhibition was visually spectacular and worth the trip to the Sean O’Sullivan Lobby to pause and reflect on some of life’s still moments that were captured by such a talented group of individuals.

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