Brock Musical Theatre met with standing ovation at weekend performance

THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

Brock Musical Theatre completed its weekend of performances of Little Shop of Horrors in the David S. Howes Theatre in what was a lively and successful rendition of the 1982 original


From February 27 to March 1, Brock Musical Theatre (BMT) performed their rendition of Howard Ashman’s comedy-horror rock musical, Little Shop of Horrors in the David S. Howes Theatre at Brock University. As usual, the club brought a professional level of performance to its audience.

The play was directed by fourth-year Dramatic Arts students Cordell Piper and Janelle Hazelton, who spent countless hours putting the production together, including the tasking job of casting members to their specific roles to create a convincing story on stage.

Austin Gagnier, a first-year Concurrent Education student majoring in Dramatic Arts did a phenomenal job as Seymour Krellborn, the play’s lead. Third-year English major Allison Humeniuk played the role of Audrey in the play and was incredibly convincing as the charming love interest of Seymour and the namesake of Audrey 2, the terrifying man-eating plant that makes the play what it is. Audrey 2 was voiced by Angelina Colosimo and was puppeteered by Alexander Taylor. Considering the complexity of the role, the two actors did a great job at playing the very “strange and interesting plant”.

Little Shop of Horrors is set on skid row, primarily in a rundown floral shop owned by the very angry but humorous Mr. Mushnik (Evan Vatri), who is becoming increasingly stressed over the lack of business at the shop. It’s at this point that Seymour (Gagnier) reveals a new breed of plant to Mr. Mushnik that is sure to bring in customer interest. Trouble arises when the plant becomes hungrier, only this particular plant doesn’t want food or water; it wants blood. Seymour must decide between his morals or the fame that comes along with keeping Audrey 2 which could potentially hurt people.
Little Shop of Horrors really examines the age-old question of how far someone is willing to go to maintain success, and the BMT team created an unparalleled rendition leaving the audience laughing from start to finish.

The work that went into this performance was not only evident in the acting, but was also present in the musical talent the cast possessed.

Musical Director Jon Link and Vocal Director/Choreographer Danielle Viola worked hard to ensure all of the musical elements were in sync and that everything from the background music to main vocal numbers were coherent within the show. There was an obvious fluidity between the scenes and major musical numbers which showed the entire cast was on the same page. Especially notable was the harmonious chemistry between the three Ronnette girls who acted as the chorus, singing through the play and letting the audience know what was going on.

The costumes were also chosen perfectly according to character and created an honest setting that was consistent with the events in the production which were set in the 1960s. Additionally, the set which the team built on their own was well done and made for a quality stage production.

The show was at the level of quality that would be expected from a group of professional actors and directors. They were met with a well-deserved standing ovation at each performance and should be very proud of a successful weekend.


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