Book review: 11/22/63



In all of Stephen King’s novels there is a mixture of the ordinary as well as the supernatural and while this novel does not stray from that formula, it is a refreshing change from the regular horror genre.

In 11/22/63, the protagonist Jake Epping, an English teacher at the local high school, is introduced to a time vortex which takes him to Sept. 9, 1958. It is explained that there are only two conditions: when you return, no matter how long you’ve stayed in the past only two minutes has gone by in the present, and each time you go back to the past everything you did on your previous trip has been erased. This leads Jake Epping on an adventure to the past in order to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

During his travels you can’t help but feel a connection with the characters that will lead you to wanting more. Seeing them making the choices they are destined to make while shaping a reality that they truly have no control over is stimulating and even breathtaking at times.

The only thing that is better than the plot is King’s attention to detail. While many writers have undertaken time-travel stories King goes above and beyond, entrancing the reader with such vivid story telling that makes every page a joy to turn. It truly shows us the closer you get to history the more mysterious it becomes. It all adds up to be one of the best time-travel stories since the work of H.G. Wells.

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