Toronto health officials confirm sixth case of the measles



According to officials from St. Joseph’s Health Centre, another case of the measles has been discovered in a patient who was in the hospital’s emergency department from January 27 to 29. It is unknown why it took St. Joseph’s so long to figure out it had a patient with measles, but Toronto Public Health has issued several statements verifying the case, stating that said person was an adult who was born prior to the 1970s.

This case, coupled with the two children under the age of two who were diagnosed earlier last week, as well as an unidentified person in Niagara who was allegedly brought to Toronto, makes six confirmed measles cases in Toronto, prompting various health officials to state that measles is “currently circulating” the city. In an attempt to combat the measles, St. Joseph’s has said it plans to work with local health officials to contact anyone who has been exposed to the patients in the last few weeks, aiming to halt the spread of measles before it infects more people.

According to an update posted by CBC News, people should continue to monitor for symptoms until Feb.19 as measles can spread to a new host before symptoms have even appeared.

If you notice any of the bellow symptoms please contact your healthcare provider:

  • High fever
  • Cold-like symptoms including a cough and runny nose
  • A red rash, usually all over the body, lasting for between four and seven days
  • Tiny white spots with bluish-white centres, often found inside the mouth on the inner lining of the cheek, referred to as Koplik’s spots
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